Kendall Jenner Wants to Set Up Rihanna and Brad Pitt


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  • Google Mail
    Google Mail  47 minutes back

    She is so

    • Katara Shippuden
      Katara Shippuden  18 hours back

      Why she mentioning Rih Rih in the first place if Rihannas made it clear she doesn't like Kendall at all...

      • Rosalie pena
        Rosalie pena  23 hours back


        • Burdania East
          Burdania East  1 days back

          He pulled the cheerleader pic with white stains on it๐Ÿ†๐ŸŒ‹

          • Ironic Diego
            Ironic Diego  2 days back

            Kendall is the only natural of her sisters

            • Jihanna Hainรฉ
              Jihanna Hainรฉ  3 days back

              Girl Rihanna doesn't like you.... bye

              • Kavin Vaali
                Kavin Vaali  4 days back

                Why does Jimmy pose stupid incompetent with celebrities..!?

                • Lewis Liu
                  Lewis Liu  4 days back

                  Bruh when I see this name My mind popped out the line from freaky Friday โ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธ

                  • Wesley Ekkel
                    Wesley Ekkel  5 days back

                    You didnt really do that. Did yoy

                    • o o
                      o o  5 days back

                      The saudi one looks much mentally healthier than brad

                      • Ojo Blacke
                        Ojo Blacke  5 days back

                        OK, so, anyway, I've never been a Kardashian family fan. I mean, seriously, I don't get it...I just don't get it, but this girl Kendall...Hell, you know, every time I see her doing a new interview or featured in some quick news item, I can't help but notice how much more real and honest she seems to come across each and every time, and I'm actually surprised by my own curiosity about what it'd be like to just hang out with her for awhile...I mean, even despite her jaw-dropping good looks, especially considering I'm now more interested in learning about her, her interests, her sense of humor, even her opinions about sociopolitical issues, I mean, whodathunkit? Lol.

                        • Reem Khatib
                          Reem Khatib  6 days back

                          How disrespectful is kendall though Rihanna has been in a relationship for three years

                          • Reem Khatib
                            Reem Khatib  3 days back

                            @Prince Kim Mangrobang it's called other people's lives are none of her business

                          • Prince Kim Mangrobang
                            Prince Kim Mangrobang  3 days back

                            Reem Khatib itโ€™s called freedom of speech

                        • Paige Gibson
                          Paige Gibson  6 days back

                          Kendallโ€™s right. In cheer they call that a deodorant roll.

                          • Liam Smith
                            Liam Smith  6 days back

                            Her breasts have also left her earlier.

                            • Rock n Roll
                              Rock n Roll  6 days back

                              Jimmy's comfort level with Kendall is amazing, its very cordial.

                              • woowoolip
                                woowoolip  7 days back

                                that dress is to die for

                                • CC A
                                  CC A  1 weeks back

                                  Basketball girl? You don't say? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

                                  • Ann Holl
                                    Ann Holl  1 weeks back

                                    Angelina destroyed Brad. Now he is trash... Rihanna is too good for him!

                                    • PurelyAfrican
                                      PurelyAfrican  7 days back

                                      It's funny how white women are cool with a bw being with a past his prime, middle aged- father of SIX- twice divorcee!
                                      But when he was young, hot and CHILD FREE they certainly weren't feeling him dating Robin Givens and Sinitta that's for sure Lol!

                                  • christina s
                                    christina s  1 weeks back

                                    Nobody told her that this dress wasn't fluttering her..?

                                    • Poop Poop
                                      Poop Poop  1 weeks back

                                      If only kendall got a little bit more boobies(.(. Shes so perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ

                                      • sherrysynthesis
                                        sherrysynthesis  1 weeks back

                                        Riri has a man we need Kendal and Brad lol

                                        • Jack Green
                                          Jack Green  1 weeks back

                                          Kendall Jenner personifies a lot of what is wrong with the world. She is a spoiled, egotistical hedonist who travels the world drooling over cars, boats, clothes, celebrities etc. while skeletal children starve in Yemen. She is a bad role model for jealous young girls who wish to emulate her self-focused, shameful lifestyle. People like her and the Kardashians will beg for water in hell.

                                          • Tete Tavarez
                                            Tete Tavarez  1 weeks back

                                            I'm glad she stops with the Botox and lips injections...she looks so beautiful naturally

                                            • Judah Randolph
                                              Judah Randolph  1 weeks back

                                              I cheer but only when I donโ€™t poop my pants

                                              • Marqus Lemmons
                                                Marqus Lemmons  1 weeks back

                                                How many pounds to you way baby ๐Ÿคฃ eat something boo ๐Ÿ˜€

                                                • blickyticky Shaundra
                                                  blickyticky Shaundra  1 weeks back

                                                  Have u seen Rihanna without makeup? Sheโ€™s beat as fuck and would be lucky to land BRAD PITT

                                                  • Levani Abramidze
                                                    Levani Abramidze  1 weeks back

                                                    แƒ›แƒแƒ แƒ—แƒšแƒ แƒ’แƒแƒœแƒแƒ‘แƒ”แƒ‘แƒ˜ แƒ’แƒแƒ›แƒแƒ›แƒ˜แƒ’แƒ–แƒแƒ•แƒœแƒ” แƒฅแƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ“แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜?แƒžแƒ˜แƒ แƒจแƒ˜ แƒ›แƒแƒ›แƒขแƒงแƒœแƒ”แƒก แƒ“แƒ แƒฉแƒแƒ›แƒแƒ“แƒ˜ แƒ›แƒ˜แƒจแƒ•แƒ”แƒšแƒ”แƒ แƒจแƒ”แƒœ แƒแƒ  แƒ›แƒ˜แƒ—แƒฎแƒแƒ แƒ˜ แƒ™แƒ”แƒœแƒ“แƒแƒš?แƒ”แƒขแƒงแƒแƒ‘แƒ แƒแƒ  แƒ˜แƒชแƒ˜แƒแƒœ แƒ—แƒแƒ แƒ” แƒแƒ  แƒฌแƒแƒ›แƒแƒ•แƒ˜แƒ“แƒแƒ“แƒœแƒ”แƒœ.แƒ’แƒ–แƒแƒจแƒ˜ แƒแƒ แƒ˜แƒแƒœ?แƒ•แƒกแƒ˜แƒ แƒžแƒ แƒแƒจแƒแƒ˜ แƒ™แƒ”แƒœแƒ“แƒแƒš.แƒ›แƒ” แƒ•แƒ˜แƒคแƒ˜แƒฅแƒ แƒ” แƒคแƒฃแƒšแƒก แƒ’แƒแƒ›แƒแƒ›แƒ˜แƒ’แƒ–แƒแƒ•แƒœแƒ˜แƒก แƒ แƒแƒ›แƒ”แƒก แƒกแƒแƒฉแƒฃแƒฅแƒ แƒแƒ“แƒ—แƒฅแƒ•แƒ.แƒ แƒจแƒ”แƒœ แƒฉแƒ”แƒ›แƒ แƒกแƒแƒฅแƒ›แƒ แƒ แƒกแƒ˜แƒ’แƒแƒ แƒ”แƒขแƒ˜แƒก แƒคแƒฃแƒšแƒ˜ แƒ“แƒ แƒ แƒแƒ›แƒ”แƒก แƒ›แƒ”แƒขแƒงแƒแƒ“แƒ˜ แƒ›แƒ”แƒ’แƒแƒœแƒ.แƒ“แƒแƒ›แƒ˜แƒ‘แƒ แƒฃแƒœแƒ” 2 แƒ‘แƒ แƒ˜แƒšแƒ˜แƒแƒœแƒขแƒ˜แƒก แƒ‘แƒ”แƒญแƒ”แƒ“แƒ˜ แƒ แƒ แƒ’แƒแƒ›แƒแƒ’แƒ˜แƒ’แƒ–แƒแƒ•แƒœแƒ” แƒกแƒแƒฉแƒฃแƒฅแƒ แƒแƒ“.แƒ›แƒแƒ›แƒแƒจแƒ”แƒœแƒ˜ แƒฎแƒ แƒแƒ  แƒ’แƒแƒคแƒ แƒ”แƒœแƒ˜แƒšแƒ แƒกแƒแƒ“แƒ›แƒ” แƒฅแƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ“แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜?แƒแƒšแƒ‘แƒแƒ— แƒšแƒ˜แƒœแƒ“แƒกแƒ˜ แƒ•แƒ˜แƒฅแƒกแƒแƒœแƒก แƒ’แƒแƒ“แƒแƒ•แƒฃแƒจแƒšแƒ˜ แƒ’แƒฃแƒšแƒก.แƒฐแƒแƒ˜ แƒ›แƒฃแƒฎแƒแƒœแƒแƒ—แƒ แƒฌแƒฃแƒ—แƒ˜ แƒกแƒแƒคแƒ”แƒšแƒ!แƒแƒฌแƒ˜ แƒแƒฆแƒแƒ  แƒ’แƒ˜แƒ™แƒ‘แƒ”แƒœ แƒฅแƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ“แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜แƒ˜!แƒšแƒแƒœแƒ“แƒแƒœแƒจแƒ˜ แƒ’แƒ”แƒšแƒ˜ แƒ™แƒ”แƒœแƒ“แƒแƒš.แƒ แƒ แƒ˜แƒชแƒ˜ แƒ แƒ แƒฎแƒ“แƒ”แƒ‘แƒ แƒซแƒ•แƒ˜แƒ แƒคแƒแƒกแƒ.แƒฏแƒ˜แƒฏแƒ˜แƒช แƒฌแƒแƒ›แƒแƒ˜แƒงแƒ•แƒแƒœแƒ” แƒ—แƒฃ แƒฃแƒœแƒ“แƒ.แƒ’แƒจแƒแƒ แƒ“แƒ”แƒ‘แƒ˜ แƒ™แƒ”แƒœแƒ“แƒแƒš,แƒ›แƒแƒ™แƒ˜แƒ—แƒฎแƒ•แƒ แƒงแƒšแƒแƒ˜แƒก.แƒ‘แƒก แƒ–แƒแƒ แƒ‘แƒ

                                                    • itsmoeiknow
                                                      itsmoeiknow  1 weeks back

                                                      first of all rihanna's bf is not a prince he's just a really rich guy from saudi. not all rich people from saudi are royalty

                                                      • Guncha
                                                        Guncha  1 weeks back

                                                        Margot robbie also wanted to set up brad pitt and rihanna

                                                        • riya. negi44
                                                          riya. negi44  1 weeks back

                                                          Kendall looks so stunning man ๐Ÿ˜

                                                          • Jhon Dumaop
                                                            Jhon Dumaop  1 weeks back

                                                            Her face is attractive.

                                                            • baddestkweeny
                                                              baddestkweeny  1 weeks back

                                                              Rihanna is 31 and heโ€™s 55๐Ÿคจ

                                                              • Hakan Tatlioglu
                                                                Hakan Tatlioglu  50 minutes back

                                                                Who cares brad is hottest man in the world

                                                            • Jean Li
                                                              Jean Li  1 weeks back

                                                              Kendall 176cm Jimmey 181cm

                                                              • Levani Abramidze
                                                                Levani Abramidze  1 weeks back

                                                                Waw kede yue goo?ok god by.แƒงแƒ•แƒ”แƒšแƒ แƒฅแƒฃแƒ แƒ“แƒ”แƒ‘แƒ—แƒแƒœ แƒกแƒแƒฅแƒ›แƒ˜แƒก แƒ’แƒแƒกแƒแƒ แƒฉแƒ”แƒ•แƒแƒ“ แƒ›แƒ”แƒซแƒแƒฎแƒ˜แƒก.แƒ“แƒแƒ›แƒ˜แƒญแƒ˜แƒ แƒแƒ•แƒ”แƒœ แƒกแƒ˜แƒ›แƒแƒœ.แƒ›แƒ˜แƒฉแƒแƒšแƒ˜แƒฉแƒ”แƒ‘แƒ”แƒœ แƒ›แƒ’แƒแƒœแƒ˜แƒ.แƒ›แƒ” แƒ›แƒแƒ แƒขแƒ แƒกแƒแƒ›แƒงแƒแƒ แƒแƒกแƒ—แƒแƒœ แƒ•แƒแƒ  แƒ™แƒแƒ แƒ’แƒแƒ“ แƒ˜แƒกแƒ˜แƒช แƒฎแƒแƒœแƒ“แƒแƒฎแƒแƒœ แƒ—แƒฃ แƒ›แƒแƒ›แƒชแƒ แƒ›แƒแƒจแƒ˜แƒœ.แƒ•แƒ˜แƒœแƒแƒ แƒแƒฎแƒšแƒ แƒ›แƒแƒฅแƒ˜แƒ—แƒ” แƒ™แƒแƒ˜ แƒชแƒ˜แƒžแƒแƒฉแƒ™แƒ”แƒ‘แƒ˜ แƒแƒ!?แƒแƒฃแƒฃ แƒ™แƒ”แƒœแƒ“แƒแƒš แƒฏแƒแƒœแƒ”แƒ แƒ˜แƒ แƒ›แƒแƒ’แƒแƒ แƒ˜ แƒ‘แƒแƒ•แƒจแƒ˜ แƒกแƒ˜แƒ›แƒแƒœ.แƒ›แƒแƒชแƒแƒšแƒ” แƒ’แƒ”แƒ•แƒ˜แƒชแƒœแƒ แƒ”แƒ แƒ—แƒ˜.แƒฃแƒ™แƒ‘แƒ˜แƒœแƒ แƒœแƒ˜แƒ™แƒแƒžแƒ–แƒ”.แƒ•แƒ˜แƒœแƒชแƒฎแƒ แƒฅแƒ˜แƒ“แƒ˜ แƒแƒ  แƒ’แƒ”แƒ›แƒ”แƒ‘แƒ–แƒ˜แƒ™แƒแƒ แƒฉแƒ”แƒ›แƒ˜ แƒ“แƒ”แƒ“แƒแƒ˜แƒ!?แƒแƒฃ แƒ›แƒแƒ’แƒแƒ แƒ˜ แƒ‘แƒแƒ•แƒจแƒ˜ แƒ“แƒแƒงแƒแƒ‘แƒ แƒกแƒฃแƒš แƒกแƒ˜แƒ›แƒแƒœ แƒ™แƒ”แƒœแƒ“แƒแƒšแƒก.แƒ™แƒšแƒ˜แƒ”แƒœแƒขแƒก แƒ’แƒแƒ•แƒก แƒ›แƒแƒ แƒ แƒ™แƒแƒ˜ แƒ‘แƒแƒ•แƒจแƒ˜แƒ แƒ˜แƒ’แƒ˜แƒช.แƒฃแƒ˜แƒ˜,แƒฏแƒ˜แƒฏแƒ˜ แƒฅแƒ•แƒ˜แƒ แƒ’แƒแƒœแƒ˜แƒ.แƒฅแƒ˜แƒ“แƒ˜ แƒแƒ แƒแƒ แƒงแƒšแƒแƒ˜ แƒแƒ แƒ’แƒ˜แƒœแƒ“แƒแƒกแƒ™แƒ”แƒ”แƒœ?!แƒ›แƒจแƒ•แƒ˜แƒ“แƒแƒ‘แƒ˜แƒ— แƒฅแƒ˜แƒ“แƒ˜ แƒจแƒ”แƒœแƒช,แƒงแƒ•แƒแƒงแƒ•แƒแƒงแƒ˜แƒก แƒแƒ  แƒ˜แƒงแƒแƒก.แƒ‘แƒก แƒ–แƒแƒ แƒ‘แƒ

                                                                • D W
                                                                  D W  1 weeks back

                                                                  Kendall is so fine.

                                                                  • Anna Rousiadou
                                                                    Anna Rousiadou  1 weeks back

                                                                    Well he does look good as he ages canโ€™t deny that

                                                                    • Bilberry Story Sketches


                                                                      kendal sketch <3

                                                                      • Giddy Up
                                                                        Giddy Up  1 weeks back


                                                                        • K Yan
                                                                          K Yan  1 weeks back

                                                                          Errr No....all that baggage with Angelina

                                                                          • N D
                                                                            N D  1 weeks back

                                                                            Make up so gorgeous

                                                                            • Alma Rivera
                                                                              Alma Rivera  1 weeks back

                                                                              Usuall in the comment section they pick the RICH.

                                                                              • Alex
                                                                                Alex  1 weeks back

                                                                                dayum. looks like a completely different person in that photo.

                                                                                • FollowingMaria
                                                                                  FollowingMaria  2 weeks back

                                                                                  She is my fave sistaaar

                                                                                  • Junior Deleon
                                                                                    Junior Deleon  2 weeks back

                                                                                    She Got Skinnier๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

                                                                                    • Pamela Konjevod
                                                                                      Pamela Konjevod  2 weeks back

                                                                                      When did she mention rihanna though?

                                                                                      • Isabella Hernandez
                                                                                        Isabella Hernandez  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Yo these comments about Rihโ€™s man being a billionaire so why would she be with brad but...hello! Rihโ€™s got her own money!! As if money is an object of interest

                                                                                        • RellupNorth
                                                                                          RellupNorth  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Rihannaโ€™s man is not a billionaire. His familyโ€™s worth 1.6 Bil, meaning they have to split that money. Rihanna is richer than him js

                                                                                          • Wolfgang Amadeus Cloud
                                                                                            Wolfgang Amadeus Cloud  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Did they really even talk about it or more about sports and did us guys spend more time looking at her great looks and body, whatever may be thought of the whole personality? And Fallon shows his SNL talent as a acting comedian here. That's really where he has skill. When he does stuff like this with guests, it's genuine and fun. I hope she doesn't fuck herself up with a ton of plastic surgery. What is it with these people? She's gorgeous. Why does she think she needs to get plastic surgery? It would ruin her, not help her. That hair, that skin, those eyes...everything, that fucking naturally beautiful form of her body...plastic surgery is for people who have noses that are too big and feel constantly uncomfortable about it or people who have been in accidents. EDIT: This isn't a white knight thing. If all you're thinking about is fucking her, raise your mind a little higher. I'm not in love with her. I just can't get over how beautiful she is compared to the rest of her sisters, except Kylie. She's more beautiful than Kylie, but still, Kylie looks normal, too. I don't know, just sad how shallow these people can be when they don't realize how much they have. She's not really a bad person, just spoiled or something like that. Is that just how a lot of LA girls are compared to Southerners?