The Earth 100,000 Years Ago | 100,000 Subscribers Special

  • Published: 13 October 2019
  • What was our planet like 100,000 years ago? What animals were there? What was the climate like? And which human species were around? Thank you all so much for 100,000 subscribers, it's unbelievable!

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Comments • 1 515

  • Patti Zayas
    Patti Zayas  36 minutes back

    this is assumption............n don't tell me we came from apes............Darwin's theory is wrong

    • Meretrix06
      Meretrix06  2 hours back

      Let me know when you put out your video for 'The Earth 4 Billion Years Ago.' I'll definitely watch that.

      • Greatsaiyakirby
        Greatsaiyakirby  4 hours back

        Have you heard of the theory that Neanderthals were actually hypercarnivore ape men who raped and murdered our Homo Sapien ancestors in the middle east for thousands of years until we genocided them?

        Crazy huh?

        • Solar powered potato
          Solar powered potato  7 hours back

          So glad this showed up in my Recommendations list! Going to watch your 10k subscribers special next.

          • Georgio Hyde
            Georgio Hyde  18 hours back

            Those neanderthals just look like italians

            • Nick Langan
              Nick Langan  21 hours back

              You guys really get a lot of mileage out of that 'Dinosaur!' music.

              ...with Christopher Reeve.

              • professeur essef
                professeur essef  23 hours back

                I am sorry, BUT one hundred thousands years ago, the Earth with its ancient continents, was CERTAINLY NOT like now, and as you show us !

                You do forget Routa & Daitiya [the two main islands-continent of Atlantis], Lemuria and Mu, and their different civilizations [YES : Civilizations] at this time !!

                Video stopped after less than 2 minutes ...

                • david mayo
                  david mayo  1 days back

                  the earth is 6,000 yrs old

                  • Jose Jimenez
                    Jose Jimenez  1 days back

                    gigantopithecus was FULLY reconstructed by using teeth and a lower jawbone. . . . . . . . . .what a load of SHIT state-scientists are TELLING people to believe. . . . . . . . . no wonder humans are leaving The Lord by droves , because state-scientists are saying they come from a few teeth and lower jawbone that was an ape-god that morphed into modern human. . . . . . . .they even show the belly-button. . . . yeah, all from a few teeth. . . . . . .

                    • Jose Jimenez
                      Jose Jimenez  1 days back

                      stupid documentary. . . . . .he is showing what animals looked like and the map at 1:00 shows africa with the SAHARA desrt still on it. . . . . .there was NO sahara back then so that sheds a red light on all the bull shit this guy is talking about. . . . . . .

                      • Bill Cornelius
                        Bill Cornelius  1 days back

                        Thank you Very much for accurate and truthful information. Maybe leave a second or two between VO descriptions to allow listeners time to grasp concepts before they're crowded on the next topic. Wastes time I know, but allows ideas to sink in and makes things more clear.

                        • Albert Uy
                          Albert Uy  1 days back

                          30:17 Floyd Mayweather Sr.?

                          • ifihf
                            ifihf  1 days back

                            great video, thanks for all your hard work!!

                            • Cpt. Pandy
                              Cpt. Pandy  1 days back

                              Waco, Texas is pronounced Way-Co

                              Nice entertaining and informative video tho definitely subbed

                              • Hero of the 4-Star Master Sword

                                The fact that crocodiles once had long legs scares me. The fact that they only have short legs now is probably plays a part in protecting us from them

                                • RusiTonkkari77
                                  RusiTonkkari77  2 days back

                                  Man Moths..?

                                  • Seeker
                                    Seeker  2 days back

                                    IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE MODERN MAN’S TURN TO BECOME EXTINCT.

                                    • Samuel Fogelgren
                                      Samuel Fogelgren  2 days back

                                      Really good content! Definetly subbing! <3

                                      • Bad Brad
                                        Bad Brad  2 days back

                                        What a waste of time to watch. The only real fact you can get from this is that they have no clue what their taking about.

                                        • Robert St. Cyr
                                          Robert St. Cyr  2 days back

                                          That early wave of homosapiens out of Africa were not our ancestors. Their genetic lines did not survive. No contemporary human is related to them.

                                          • Debbie Littlejohn
                                            Debbie Littlejohn  2 days back

                                            Just subscribed. Very informative. Thank you

                                            • Russell Hammond
                                              Russell Hammond  3 days back

                                              Keep it up guys. I always enjoy the condensed information. I'm more of a molecular bio guy, but this is a great way for me to learn more about fauna in my free time.

                                              • AncientGamer
                                                AncientGamer  3 days back

                                                Glad to see you have a lot of subscribers. Remember the like button (actually VERY important), and that you should encourage people to "vote". Doesn't matter if like or don't like. It means a lot. Keep up the good work, and good luck friend.

                                                • Calypso Ray
                                                  Calypso Ray  3 days back

                                                  Lovely but you talk waaaay to fast.Very interesting.

                                                  • Captain Obvious
                                                    Captain Obvious  3 days back

                                                    There is no evidence for any of this BS. The Earth is 6,000 years old and is backed up by the holy bible. Please read it and try not to think too much.

                                                    • jose monfil
                                                      jose monfil  3 days back

                                                      Thinking not much its what i do best😩

                                                  • Wil Morales
                                                    Wil Morales  4 days back

                                                    subscribe to my channel Dark Wicked World

                                                    • feereel
                                                      feereel  4 days back

                                                      lots of misinfo here...the first homo sapiens come from the americas and they were incapable of much of the criminal and sadistic behaviour that was dominant in neandrathals...when homo sapiens bred with neandrathals it weakened the moral fiber of the homo sapien and is responsible for the existence of crime in modern society

                                                      • Nathan Schmick
                                                        Nathan Schmick  4 days back

                                                        Im sad most megafauna is gone.....It would be so humbling to see these great beasts living today...

                                                        • Vickie Lynn forever
                                                          Vickie Lynn forever  4 days back

                                                          I am weeks late, but I've been watching you since 10k or so subs. You're the background noise in my house when I just want to nap or have something playing! So happy to see how you've grown!

                                                          • ThePartarar
                                                            ThePartarar  5 days back

                                                            Dehydration seems like an unlikely scenario for the Mammoths’ death, thoughts?

                                                            • Leah Dragon
                                                              Leah Dragon  2 days back

                                                              Yeah I thought that too. Even IF a mammoth died from dehydration, I doubt a full herd of them would die all at the same time all together.

                                                          • Tamale Sekanjako
                                                            Tamale Sekanjako  5 days back

                                                            lets go

                                                            • Roq
                                                              Roq  5 days back

                                                              Oh, so by "our ancestors" you mean White ancestors, COMPLETELY IGNORING THE FACT THAT THE VAAAAAAAST MAJORITY OF HUMAN BEINGS (HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS) LIVED IN AFRICA. 100,000 years ago Europe was in the Ice Age and VERY FEW HUMAN BEINGS LIVED IN EUROPE AT ALL. For example: the entire Ice Age population of Great Britain could fit into a single Soccer Stadium - LESS THAN 50,000 PEOPLE!!! Meanwhile, the vast majority of the human race lived in Africa and some had migrated into Southern Asia where it was still warm, BECAUSE EUROPE AND NORTHERN ASIA WERE IN THE ICE!!! So, while very few human beings lived in Europe, the vast majority of the human race lived in environmentally rich Africa inventing and creating the family structure, marriage, trade, housing, weapons, tools, jewelry, fashion, complex languages, religion, mythology, symbolism, AND EVERYTHING ELSE! What the f*ck is wrong with you people?!! Why are you sooooooo fuckin racist?! Why do you continuously ignore all of Africa and only show African animals and pre-humans?!! I'll ask you again - What the fuck is wrong with you?!! HUMAN BEINGS ARE FROM AFRICA, NOT EUROPE, WE STAYED IN AFRICA FOR 100,000 YEARS BEFORE ANYBODY DECIDED TO LEAVE!!! THE HUMAN RACE IS PRIMARILY AND CHIEFLY AFRICAN. Virtually every picture of early humans should be Black/African BECAUSE LIGHTER SKINNED PEOPLE BARELY EXISTED 100,000 YEARS AGO! And I bet if someone ask you 90% of you mutha fuckas would say that you're not racists! Why don't you all stop acting like insecure little cowardly little bitches and try telling something close to the truth. Maybe the world won't be so f*cked up after that. What do you say? Wanna try the truth?!!!!!!!!! It might be nice, really. Give it a shot!!!!!! Who knows

                                                              • Felix Philippe
                                                                Felix Philippe  5 days back

                                                                jesus fuck, take your meds and calm down. did you even watch the video?

                                                            • kaz kk
                                                              kaz kk  5 days back

                                                              It's tragic how many spp have gone extinct . We need more of them back and we need less ppl

                                                              • Self Discipline
                                                                Self Discipline  5 days back

                                                                All that time, and whales didn't produce gills? That seems illogical to evolutional theory.
                                                                All that time, and we see no transitions from kind, to kind.
                                                                We see the distant relatives of each kind, but not in between kinds.
                                                                Like sharks are distant relatives of megladon, and elephants are relatives to mammoths.
                                                                If anything, the animals we observe are de-volving from their original form.
                                                                This is common when you clone anything. It de-volves.

                                                                • M. Karbaschi
                                                                  M. Karbaschi  6 days back

                                                                  You could have done a lot better

                                                                  • zyl zyl
                                                                    zyl zyl  6 days back

                                                                    Long long ago
                                                                    In a time lost in the past
                                                                    Far far ago
                                                                    Once upon a time

                                                                    These where the lines of old story telling books , and the new era has it's own ...
                                                                    "millions of years ago"

                                                                    • Honudes Gai
                                                                      Honudes Gai  3 days back

                                                                      naw only religious people try to pass story books as fact

                                                                  • zyl zyl
                                                                    zyl zyl  6 days back

                                                                    The lies ... There are no evidence for the time lapse that evilutionists set on the earth , more less the scenario they set up about it ...

                                                                  • Cameron Conner
                                                                    Cameron Conner  7 days back

                                                                    so gay shouldve been told by a professional on history not a rookie

                                                                    • Jacob Zondag
                                                                      Jacob Zondag  7 days back

                                                                      27:00 "Yeah, I'm Homo Neanderthalensis and I'm a cool dude."

                                                                    • J Chr G
                                                                      J Chr G  7 days back

                                                                      I come from along line of humans

                                                                      • J Chr G
                                                                        J Chr G  7 days back

                                                                        Dr you were
                                                                        Your grand parents were apes

                                                                        • Basra Abdulle
                                                                          Basra Abdulle  1 weeks back

                                                                          that can't be true Humans use to be like Guerrillas something that imagination and imagination is not real

                                                                          • Felix Philippe
                                                                            Felix Philippe  5 days back

                                                                            you mean gorillas, and you have a poor understanding of both science and cosmology.

                                                                        • capie44
                                                                          capie44  1 weeks back

                                                                          7:01 100.000 years later, and women haven't changed.
                                                                          Bitch, bitch, bitch....

                                                                          • capie44
                                                                            capie44  4 days back

                                                                            @Felix Philippe : Oh definitely!
                                                                            I act like them when I'm on the bus.

                                                                          • Felix Philippe
                                                                            Felix Philippe  5 days back

                                                                            if women don't want to sit next to you on the bus the problem is probably with you, not women.

                                                                        • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

                                                                          lol... not Whacko. 5:46

                                                                          • kodi android
                                                                            kodi android  1 weeks back

                                                                            most of the fossils that have been found and are claimed to be millions of years old is total bullshit ,how can you claim what a creature looked like or even what it life was like by just having a small part of a million year old fossil bone and tell us it looked like ,,,this ,,bullshit from a fragment of something you get t rex haha

                                                                            • StudSupreme
                                                                              StudSupreme  1 weeks back

                                                                              Hey fellas,
                                                                              I don't think you've got the human migration to the western hemisphere completely figured out. I'd bet my last dollar that there was more than 1 wave, for instance, and that humans appeared in the western hemisphere earlier than 10-15k years ago. Not MUCH more, but definitely earlier.

                                                                              • Richard Jones
                                                                                Richard Jones  1 weeks back

                                                                                Maybe this explains why humans are so lazy.

                                                                              • Pot and Politics With Mr. Brophy

                                                                                Too much Nerd for one channel!!!!!!! Congratulations guys.