How Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Becoming UNSTOPPABLE

  • Published: 25 February 2019
  • Giannis in-depth breakdown:

    Giannis is entering his prime and becoming unstoppable. And that is pretty much the main reason for Milwaukee’s best record in the entire league.
    I already did an in depth breakdown of his crazy offensive repertoire. However I mentioned, and you probably all know it, that his achilles heel is the 3 point shot.
    And now, as scary as that sounds, he seems to be figuring that out as well. Slowly but surely. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
    Taking a look at these numbers, any talk about progress might seem laughable due to the small sample size but for a guy who’s never had an outside shot, this type of progress is actually crazy.
    And just to verify things about it. This isn’t by accident at all.
    When the Bucks hired Mike Budenholzer, alongside coach Bud came his shooting specialist assistant Ben Sullivan.
    He’s been credited for completely revamping the outside shot of guys like Demarre Carroll, Kent Bazemore and Tim Hardaway Jr, during their time with the Hawks.
    So Sullivan is in sort of a rescue mission with the greek freak who admitted that his former coach Jason Kidd told him not to shot the ball which still has consequences on his confidence and is flat out unbelievable.
    That’s why it’s really encouraging to see this progress that he’s been able to make, even tho the bar was set extremely low.
    And keep in mind that he doesn’t need to become a high volume three point shooter. All Antetokounmpo needs is to hit it somewhat consistently so that the defense literally doesn’t know what to do with him.
    The dude is on pace to crush the record for baskets in the restricted area and if he can get to a point where he is able to make 3-4 shots from downtown on 35%, it’s going to be game over for the NBA.
    This of course is a long term project, and I definitely don’t expect numbers like that this season.
    There are absolutely going to be ups and downs throughout this process, and the first major test is going to be the playoffs, where defenses are going to be tighter, the pressure is much higher and maybe the confidence to pull up from deep is going to be limited for him.
    One thing is certain however. All players improve and add things to their game during the summer, so it’s going to be extremely interesting to see Giannis spending a whole summer with his shooting coach, having already laid the foundation of his long range shot.
    I mentioned this in my previous video about Antetokounmpo, I admire his work ethic and his desire to be better. The best even. At age 24, he has a whole eternity to add things to his game and become even more unstoppable.
    So I am very excited to see how this thing is going to develop.
    That’s it for now, if you liked this video subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you don’t miss my future in depth analysis. Talk to you in the next one. Peace out.
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  • Gabriell Salaangsang
    Gabriell Salaangsang  5 months back


    1 Stephen Curry
    2 Giannis Antetokounmpo
    3 Carmelo (Brick) Anthony
    4 Paul George
    5 Kyrie (Flat Earth) Irving
    6 Lance Stephenson
    7 Roy (0/1/0 Hibbert
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    0 Kevin (The Snake) Durant

    • Gabriell Salaangsang
      Gabriell Salaangsang  5 months back


      • Iccoh Hibari
        Iccoh Hibari  5 months back

        The thing I was worried about is on how he land after a dunk. He must be careful or he'll become same as D. Rose.

        • Sunset Shawn
          Sunset Shawn  5 months back


          • trebledc
            trebledc  6 months back

            It will be bucks and celtics in ECF, it will be all green in this playoffs

            • Jonathan Lucero
              Jonathan Lucero  6 months back

              Shoes at 2:24?

              • Derrick James
                Derrick James  7 months back

                Crazy part about it tho idk when he became the best player in the league but he became it 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 I wanna last year this year he SHOWING it lol & I’m a whole Kyrie fan

                • Una Vaina Criolla
                  Una Vaina Criolla  7 months back

                  Like your videos, man.

                  • Daniel Pritchard
                    Daniel Pritchard  7 months back

                    Cant wait for your playoff breakdowns

                    • Fabiano Costa Coelho
                      Fabiano Costa Coelho  7 months back

                      I am a big fun of him. This is a true leader, making everybody around him better (in addition to improving himself). Not accepting to work out with other stars. Being himself, being great, being discrete although confident.

                      • Orderli
                        Orderli  7 months back

                        That last name is impossible to pronounce! Wow, another amazing video, keep up the good work! You inspired me to make my own YouTube channel, leaving a sub & like would help.

                      • Caitlin Leyden
                        Caitlin Leyden  7 months back

                        why is your voice so annoying to me

                        • Toronto Man
                          Toronto Man  7 months back

                          That boy so big no homo

                          • Vic Xuan
                            Vic Xuan  7 months back

                            He's like a giant, more tamed, and higher IQ Westbrook, crazzyyyyy

                            • Larry Wong
                              Larry Wong  7 months back

                              He's gonna be a Golden State Warrior next year. 2019-2020

                              • Zlatan Dzafic
                                Zlatan Dzafic  7 months back

                                A man is at his physical peak when he's 28-30 years old. Giannis is 24.

                                • Griffey187
                                  Griffey187  7 months back

                                  I like how his head is almost against his own backboard when he shoots a trey.

                                  • BerginLights
                                    BerginLights  7 months back

                                    I missed it thx

                                    • Deflandre
                                      Deflandre  7 months back

                                      Next Thing from Giannis is to jump from 3p line and dunk. Is it for 2 or 3??

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                                        Where are u from ...? ;)

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                                          I watched a few recent videos and instantly fell in love with this channel

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                                            watch the one he did on luka doncic. one scene is hilarious

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                                          Love your content but hate the way you look at camera makes me cringe

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                                            Totally Addictive  7 months back

                                            Best Nba channel on youtube!!! Keep it up! And i for one think your videos lenght is just perfect... there is a saying in showbiz: "always leave them wanting more" ;)

                                            • Michael marks
                                              Michael marks  7 months back

                                              Modern day Gannis vs Prime LeBron who you got winning 1 vs 1 ?? I'd put my money on the Greek Freek lol !!

                                              • Jonny Olsen
                                                Jonny Olsen  7 months back

                                                Like Phil Jackson said about Jordan and how huge his hands were to palm the ball. Check out how Giannis Antetokounmpo is similar. I mean just look how he dunks. Just like the old school legends.

                                                • xLilPuddinTater
                                                  xLilPuddinTater  7 months back

                                                  patchy beard nation rise up

                                                  • Jared Coontz
                                                    Jared Coontz  7 months back

                                                    #unstopbalble dumb ass#

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                                                      Jared Coontz  7 months back

                                                      #Greak Freak

                                                      • JDM
                                                        JDM  7 months back

                                                        Put the bucks in the west they’ll be 7th seed at best

                                                        • Random Person
                                                          Random Person  7 months back

                                                          Unstoppable.... except for by Anthony Tolliver

                                                          • One Punch
                                                            One Punch  7 months back

                                                            He's becoming Greek God now

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                                                              Sparxgaming  7 months back

                                                              dali ozbilno si makedonec?

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                                                                PurpleTheBurple  7 months back

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                                                                  Zerpician  7 months back

                                                                  Me watching Giannis: oh shit, that's gonna be a tough lay-up. Wait, how he dunked that?

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                                                                      2:16 You vs. The guy she tells you not to worry about

                                                                      • Nicolas Sevdalis
                                                                        Nicolas Sevdalis  7 months back

                                                                        What Kidd did may on the surface seem really bad, but I think he was really vital in teaching him the fundamentals of being a POINT forward and thought that if he was to concentrate on shooting he wouldn't give the same care to the aspects that made him a top 5-3 player today. Granted, the coaching change was something that needed to be done as Bud is much better overall

                                                                        • That One Guy
                                                                          That One Guy  7 months back

                                                                          He is not going to develop a jumpshot stfu

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                                                                        • Hank Moody
                                                                          Hank Moody  7 months back

                                                                          How can he not be the MVP this year?

                                                                          Beast in offence and defense (and on the "shits"!)

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                                                                            Michael Pham  7 months back

                                                                            Holy shit I didn’t realize you had the entire script in the description. Good stuff

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                                                                              Ryan Swanson  7 months back

                                                                              He truly is a freak of nature... he made Blake Griffin look like a 14 year old playing a lazy game of pick up.

                                                                              • JonahSmells 123
                                                                                JonahSmells 123  7 months back

                                                                                He already is unstoppable

                                                                                • Mista _Mask
                                                                                  Mista _Mask  7 months back

                                                                                  Hopefully Prime Greek freak makes it to the finals 10 years in a row like LeBron. The weak east always has 1 daddy.

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                                                                                    Greeny Kor  7 months back

                                                                                    Remove my comments for ?? Useless channel

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                                                                                      Rehoboth Chizaso Harawa  7 months back

                                                                                      How can the Greek freak be entering his prime at only 24? He hasn't reached his ceiling yet and trust me , the deer is going to get way better. But I really like this analysis of Giannis.

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