Giannis Showed Off Windmill Dunk In Preseason


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  • Müslüman Kul
    Müslüman Kul  2 days back


    • Milwaukee Savage OTF
      Milwaukee Savage OTF  3 days back

      That was a bad takeoff.. almost gave himself a season ending injury

      • Anthony LaPiana
        Anthony LaPiana  4 days back

        That’s a really risky dunk he could’ve torn his acl right there

        • Φωτεινη Περουλη

          6.09 like mortal combat fatalities. Lol..

          • Big Thirteen
            Big Thirteen  4 days back

            God this makes me so happy basketball is back 🙌🏽

            • Alex Sancge
              Alex Sancge  4 days back

              He cant be doing shit like that in preseason

              • Dusy Pettis
                Dusy Pettis  4 days back

                They really made the video 34 seconds

                • TiaMarduk 777
                  TiaMarduk 777  4 days back

                  Bro out here trying to get injured 🤕

                  • dpaulclare
                    dpaulclare  4 days back

                    For being that tall and freaky that windmill absolutely sucked

                    • Olawale Mustapha
                      Olawale Mustapha  4 days back

                      Dude Better Chill Out 😂😂👀👀

                      • 150 150
                        150 150  4 days back

                        Lmao nigga so tall he can’t go up straight for a windmill 😂😂

                        • Kevin Bank
                          Kevin Bank  4 days back

                          Looking like Klay Thompson in the finals 🤢

                          • Karr Dauno
                            Karr Dauno  4 days back

                            *Nice Dunk*

                            • Tony Lawliet
                              Tony Lawliet  4 days back

                              Dude gotta chill he almost got injured there lol

                              • KingSlim X
                                KingSlim X  4 days back

                                Glad he straight🙏🏽

                                • Cool Kid
                                  Cool Kid  4 days back

                                  Is he good?

                                  • TheChronicDocumentary DreGame

                                    First AD’s debut Lakers performance then Ben Simmons hits a three yesterday and now this ? Sheesh ? I love preseasons better

                                    • Alliand d
                                      Alliand d  4 days back

                                      And zions 360 dunk today

                                  • Judge Dredd
                                    Judge Dredd  4 days back

                                    Gotta sit on the bench after that one

                                    • Sedrick J
                                      Sedrick J  4 days back

                                      Bruh y’all damn near up 30 and it’s preseason calm down! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Suppose to be snatching the east this year.

                                      • SubToItzUrDaddy
                                        SubToItzUrDaddy  4 days back

                                        Giannis be like: what is preseason

                                      • Kuded
                                        Kuded  4 days back

                                        Breaking: Giannis Antetokounmpo out for the season

                                      • Ka Kjj
                                        Ka Kjj  4 days back

                                        Way better than LeChoke James

                                        • Kenshin Himura
                                          Kenshin Himura  4 days back

                                          Ka Kjj you say that and yet LeBron’s dick mentally fucked you since you have him in your head.

                                        • Jay Philly
                                          Jay Philly  4 days back

                                          Slow your role partner....Bron has championships, what does the Greek Freak got other than getting exposed they Kawhi in the ECF. GTFOHWTB

                                      • T DotK
                                        T DotK  4 days back


                                        • Gankuru Boy
                                          Gankuru Boy  4 days back


                                          • HonestReviews
                                            HonestReviews  4 days back

                                            This man dont even care its preseason. Basketball is back lets gooo!

                                            • Kenshin Himura
                                              Kenshin Himura  4 days back

                                              HonestReviews well it is Giannis “I don’t want to rest and just play all games before the playoffs” Antetukumpo

                                          • J CE
                                            J CE  4 days back