UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (9.11.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Jovani Cruz
    Jovani Cruz  1 weeks back

    KD you came from okc bro. No complaints. You got your rings you got paid just go to Brooklyn and ball!

    • dman-dillard2159
      dman-dillard2159  1 weeks back

      This is such BULL JIVE...women can say anything...without proof and be believe. Skip, question, was Zeke guilty? No. The girl made it up ...The nfl should not get involved until facts are on the table!

      • Cody Fast
        Cody Fast  1 weeks back

        She filed for $75,000 because it’s the minimum by law

        • L J
          L J  1 weeks back

          You guys are childish asf but blame the players lol nobody made you talk about obj watch for 20 minutes

          • sblack812
            sblack812  2 weeks back

            The dudes having a mental breakdown, and apparently been having one for some time.

            • LucidoMafia
              LucidoMafia  2 weeks back

              its not only the NFL that punish everyone the US Navy does it oh so well

              • Gran Marquis
                Gran Marquis  2 weeks back

                If an item is indestructible, how was it created in the first be place???

                • GMan5090
                  GMan5090  1 weeks back

                  That's like saying if water is soft how is ice hard.

              • rene j hernandez
                rene j hernandez  2 weeks back

                AB has been spending too much time with Big Ben with those kind of accusations

                • Gran Marquis
                  Gran Marquis  2 weeks back

                  Hold on. So she suiting for 3 separate incidents but didn't file criminal charges for not 1??? Man pls!!! Her whole case needs to be thrown out! Money Grab

                  • GMan5090
                    GMan5090  1 weeks back

                    @Stizzfoshizz it's about ruining his reputation simple and plane

                  • Stizzfoshizz
                    Stizzfoshizz  1 weeks back

                    Not much of a money grab if they're reporting she's only asking for pennies compared to the millions most sue for. It's literally the lowest amount you can ask for by law

                • Lannce
                  Lannce  2 weeks back

                  I wonder how everyone's opinion on brown would change if he wasn't on NE

                  • Mohammed Kane
                    Mohammed Kane  2 weeks back


                    • Mohammed Kane
                      Mohammed Kane  2 weeks back


                      • Dan , McGill
                        Dan , McGill  2 weeks back

                        After the warriors surrendered to the cavs.

                    • Lannce
                      Lannce  2 weeks back

                      There's no reason to put Brown on the exempt list

                      • toptenguy1
                        toptenguy1  2 weeks back

                        In the description: *FOUR* Cowboys segments, and a Lebron non-news segment. Nothing about the USA being eliminated by France (You know, a tournament with NBA players). I bet if Lebron was in it, they would talk about it daily. What a clown show, lol

                        • dana arden
                          dana arden  2 weeks back

                          Love how Skip Bayless elevates Prescott to the pantheon of the QB gods based upon one game against the hands-down worst defense in the NFC. I do think Prescott is a better QB than he's often given credit for (and thought it before last Sunday) but don't think he's even close to Carson Wentz in terms of raw talent.

                          • dana arden
                            dana arden  1 weeks back

                            No Genius, he wasn’t trash. He was rusty from not having taken any in-game snaps in half a year. Beyond that, you’re entitled to your opinion, stupid as it may be.

                          • Devon Peterson
                            Devon Peterson  1 weeks back

                            Shut up

                          • Giffond Hall
                            Giffond Hall  2 weeks back

                            you sound foolish wentz was trash in the fist half djax bailed him out just like foles did last year.

                        • Jeff Porcaro Groove
                          Jeff Porcaro Groove  2 weeks back

                          where there is smoke there is fire...another black player who lives without restraint like a tennager trust fund kid given an open credit card...wear a 350k watch and feel the NFL is attacking you, have multiple kids out of wedlock and wonder why your life is so complex...this is the definition of STUPID...fatherless men as adults are without a rudder morally. ANY other profession and you act like a fool you are FIRED. You can be the BEST salesman in a company...you get a lot of leverage because you make the company a LOT of $$...but you embarrass the company, continue to act like a fool...bye bye. A person working at Dollar General is fired making $13.50hr for much less...these guys, no, Antonio is a FOOL.

                          • LucidoMafia
                            LucidoMafia  2 weeks back

                            i agee A Bhas stepped in it this time. im patsfan and wanted him on the the team. but this is not a good look

                          • Romeo Williams
                            Romeo Williams  2 weeks back

                            @Darian Sterns FACTS over emotions lol

                          • Darian Sterns
                            Darian Sterns  2 weeks back

                            Let me guess, your wife(which is also your sibling) left you for a black athlete.

                        • Jrock El
                          Jrock El  2 weeks back

                          Civil suit? What was the contract?

                          • Saddik Laaraiche
                            Saddik Laaraiche  2 weeks back

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