#KCvsDET: Matthew Stafford Highlights


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  • Greggory Hanson
    Greggory Hanson  2 days back

    People say he's overrated but as a Jets fan i would've killed to have him as my starter before we drafted Darnold. Still think Stafford's easily a top 10 QB. People say he's never won a playoff game, but in every Lions playoff game I have ever seen the Lions were royally fucked by the officiating crew.

    • Shawn Dymond
      Shawn Dymond  1 weeks back

      Stafford playing with different energy this year, I love it

      • Andrew 1231
        Andrew 1231  1 weeks back

        The refs fucked the lions this game...

        • John Lockhart
          John Lockhart  2 weeks back

          What about the fumble highlights? That's what lost the game!

          • Matthew Szerlag
            Matthew Szerlag  2 weeks back

            Not saying I want him to take shots or risk getting injured, but he has been able to scramble pretty effectively this season, I hope it keeps up

            • Erick McNerney
              Erick McNerney  2 weeks back

              A better view of this throw 1:41 shows how absolutely insane it was.
              Not an elite quarterback my ass.

              • rezdaman
                rezdaman  2 weeks back

                Our defense keep letting our offense down the offense gave our D a 10 point lead and what happened smh then we regained the lead twice and the defense give the points right back hopefully with Mike Daniels Darius slay and quandre diggs coming back healthy going into the bye week we will get better down the stretch

                • Ace Outlaw
                  Ace Outlaw  2 weeks back

                  The Lions just have to stop beating themselves when they have a good game anytime we get to the Red Zone we need a touchdown not three points never leave anything in the referee's hands is why we lose

                  • Sam Walker
                    Sam Walker  2 weeks back

                    I love this lions team this year, we played our best with rotational guys and the scary thing is we only getting better

                    • Wren Clegg
                      Wren Clegg  2 weeks back

                      Matty Stafford has lost a lot of games throwing darts, just like against the Chiefs! Maybe they should just focus on playing sound football instead of playing Belichick trickery. The Detroit Ball-punchers lose..... at their own game! Stafford was supposedly questionable with an injured hip! Bill Belichick trickery is written all over the now exposed Motor City ball-punchers! KC beat the ball-punchers at 75% of the Chiefs ability. It's not gonna be as easy as you ball-puncher fans think!

                      • Quel M
                        Quel M  2 weeks back

                        Lol you needed a lot of help from the refs. In all actuality the Lions won by double digits. Just be grateful that the NFL thinks your quarterback is marketable and will call games in your favour.

                      • Brad Maguire
                        Brad Maguire  2 weeks back

                        Ha ha this guys a veleni troll bot, just trying to antagonize fans so his pathetic view count can increase to his YouTube page, he knows radio is duh duh dying. Tell jim rome jawannabe he needs a new schtick.

                      • Wren Clegg
                        Wren Clegg  2 weeks back

                        @Josh Kulmatycki you got beat by a team that missed a chip FG and a QB that didn't need to throw deep or connect for passing TD's. The league MVP engineered 34 points that your team couldn't stop! Face it dummy, you got beat at your coaches own game. The Chiefs exposed Baltimore and the same is now true for Detroit. Tricky, Smirky Patrickia! The Chiefs actually made your ball-punchers look better than they actually are. It happens! Keep announcing that Stafford is injured because it'll become a good laugh around the league pretty soon, if it hasn't already!

                        Here's some pretty good perspective from your own base! Call this guy stupid too peanut, but he's spot on; and you'll just have to suffer the Belicheck blues as you learn what trickery will get ya! https://youtu.be/8hvgunXPx3o

                      • Josh Kulmatycki
                        Josh Kulmatycki  2 weeks back

                        You sound dumb. Trying to down them for something your team wishes they did.

                      • Jared Vineyard
                        Jared Vineyard  2 weeks back

                        Wow. Upset about ball punching much?

                    • Zarkon
                      Zarkon  2 weeks back

                      Ppls rave about maholmes arm strength, stafford showed he's got a cannon still. Plus he's got heart...this guy is like Steve Yzerman character.

                      • Shawn Dymond
                        Shawn Dymond  2 weeks back

                        Its amazing Stafford made some of these same throws and was dogged on it for years, this kid comes in oh best ever, yeah stafford is a risk taker, but he's a gun slinger, always has a 2-1 interception-td ratio, he puts the team on his back and trys to win, but after last year everyone couldn't wait to get off his train with one bad game.

                    • Chris DePoy
                      Chris DePoy  2 weeks back

                      At Arizona and KC Stafford gave his defense a lead with a minute left and they couldn't hold it. They're that close to 4-0.

                      • detroit lions are next
                        detroit lions are next  3 weeks back

                        Stafford shoulda had 4 touchdowns and in my world as in I call what I see we won

                        • Brandon West
                          Brandon West  2 weeks back

                          @Wren Clegg Bro you aren't even reading my comments. It's pretty clear by how you respond.
                          My first comment had zero anger in it.
                          Then you imagined me calling your team lucky and continue your insane ranting about Belichick orgasms and weird shit like that...
                          Then I rightfully told you to fuck off somewhere in my second comment... after saying good things about your team and coaches.

                          What is the point of engaging with me if you aren't willing or capable of reading what i type before replying?

                        • Wren Clegg
                          Wren Clegg  2 weeks back

                          @Brandon West what you say in anger doesn't bother me a bit. This isn't the first game of focussing on punching the ball..... boy! Where you been? Patrickia got schooled
                          ... at his own plan! Funny as heck! https://youtu.be/8hvgunXPx3o

                        • Brandon West
                          Brandon West  2 weeks back

                          @Wren Clegg I never said you were lucky... you have one of the best football teams in the entire league.
                          I wasn't expecting to win this game, I just wanted my team to show they could hang and not look like the SoL.
                          I only stated that you won by 4pts to remind you that you didn't blow us out, stop acting like a jackass.
                          What exactly is your problem with punching at the football? Do you think it's a dirty play or something?
                          The reality is, Patricia probably saw that your receivers are lax when it comes to ball security when watching film.
                          You should be thanking him... now Andy Reid will be drilling it into your players heads to better protect the football.
                          You need to relax buddy, we aren't the Patriots. We aren't some sports dynasty.
                          We're the Lions, we've never even seen a Super Bowl.
                          Now kindly fuck off.
                          Don't you have some Colts fans to be shit talking right now? Why are you in the comments of a Detroit Lions video?

                        • Wren Clegg
                          Wren Clegg  2 weeks back

                          @Brandon West you believe the Chiefs were lucky and I believe the Chiefs were good enough to win. They were simply better than the Lions. Keep trying, because that's what ya do. Funny though, with the strong connection to Belichick, I am still waiting to hear about cameras in the visitors locker room, or similar things! Manic ball punching and things like that are signs of desperation. Because of Patrickia, young football players accross America are less likely to play sound football and more likely to concentrate on punching the ball. That's what I see! Announcing Matt Stafford might not play just ahead of the game are the kinds of tricks we've all seen with Belichick! I didn't see an injured Stafford, I saw saw a very healthy and top quality QB. Your team gave it their best. The Detroit ball-punching tricky patriots is what I saw..... and ya lost. Boo hoo!

                        • detroit lions are next
                          detroit lions are next  2 weeks back

                          @Brandon West exactly they can't get to the Superbowl they acting like they won something

                      • Aegon One
                        Aegon One  3 weeks back

                        This dude playing at an mvp level so far. Stafford haters are just casual fans that dont understand shit about the game. So proud of my lions.

                        • peter serrano
                          peter serrano  3 weeks back

                          I'm with you thr he's like no one in the nfl his form is amazing and every year he gets over looked but this year he will become top 5 qb

                      • Common Sense
                        Common Sense  3 weeks back

                        They should wear those uniforms all the time

                      • Zack Richards
                        Zack Richards  3 weeks back

                        If you question this mans toughness and don't see what makes him great you're not worthy of watching him play. Ride or die, #9 is that dude and he's never not given his all. This man stayed with us the whole way too, I wouldve wanted out.

                        • StevenW23
                          StevenW23  3 weeks back

                          Refs screwed us.. didn’t help that we couldn’t convert on 3 opportunities at their 10 yard line

                          • Eddie LeVar
                            Eddie LeVar  2 weeks back

                            StevenW23 refs screwed the Chiefs in the AFC title game so yeah I feel ur pain

                        • RedFive
                          RedFive  3 weeks back

                          We went through the toughest part of our schedule with one loss to a top 3 team and now we got a bye week to heal up, I’m feeling good about the lions

                          • Jay So Wavy
                            Jay So Wavy  3 weeks back

                            I don’t want the lions to trade Marvin but he would be better as a slot guy we need a bigger No. 2, Marvin trying to chip block a DE or a LB ain’t gone work.

                            • DoseOfDion 2.0
                              DoseOfDion 2.0  3 weeks back


                              • Dominick Mccurdy
                                Dominick Mccurdy  3 weeks back

                                Fuckin mint

                                • Lemar Floyd
                                  Lemar Floyd  3 weeks back

                                  Damn that boy can throw that police officer 😂💪 top ten QB idc what Yu can't see , 💯

                                  • Devon Peters
                                    Devon Peters  3 weeks back

                                    I really hate the Lions didn’t get the win with such a good performance from Stafford...Hope they keep the focus and intensity going forward. They outplayed the Chiefs for 58 min...you give Stafford 30 more seconds and I think they win.

                                    • Dani Zaya
                                      Dani Zaya  2 weeks back

                                      @anderthegaint true but you gonna take a touchdown if you got it

                                    • Andre P Vincent
                                      Andre P Vincent  3 weeks back

                                      @Taprman the last drive we scored we couldve had better time management on that drive to try to give mahomes less time.. Run the ball more maybe but instead we got 2 big throws down field and were in the red zone within 45 second

                                    • Taprman
                                      Taprman  3 weeks back

                                      Devon Peters exactly we have mahomes too much time to score

                                  • Alan Grey
                                    Alan Grey  3 weeks back

                                    Cats are notorious for playing with their prey before killing it. I think we've played around long enough. We're hungry... and it's time. It's time to eat!!! #OnePride

                                    • Terry McBride
                                      Terry McBride  3 weeks back

                                      Pat Mahomes snatched that shit from the lions jaws!

                                    • Raggs Filthy
                                      Raggs Filthy  3 weeks back

                                      im still expecting a big season lets go

                                  • Neil reid
                                    Neil reid  3 weeks back

                                    Stafford is just a phenomenal QB. His throws can't be made by a high majority of the league. It's a real shame he has to continually settle for moral victories w/the Lions. Moral doesn't = wins in any sport. 10pt lead at home, blown man to man coverage on 4th & 8 to seal it, not playing to the whistle on a 100yd fumble return, blah, blah. Enjoy the moral victories Lions fans, I sure as hell won't.

                                    • Nick Oxley
                                      Nick Oxley  3 weeks back

                                      New system that the lions are buying in to. I've been a fan my whole life and I will say this team is one of, if not, the best team ive seen. They play with a togetherness that most teams dont have. Secondary banged up, back ups in and to hold mahomes to 0 TD's is about as good as you can do. Yeah he still got his yards but that would happen to most any team in the league. Get a couple key guys back on the defense and this team will win the NFC north. Vikings playing like poo. Bears looking beatable and packers very beatable as well. Patricia is coaching them boys up

                                    • Neil reid
                                      Neil reid  3 weeks back

                                      @Quel M
                                      Gotta disagree. Yes the ref's were horrible, but the ref's didn't blow coverage at 4th down to win the game or not play till the whistle on a 100yd fumble return. But I completely agree with you. NFL needs to address the problem as a whole.

                                    • Quel M
                                      Quel M  3 weeks back

                                      Neil reid refs screwed them again. It’s been like watching wwe for a while now. Money driven. It’s our fault for not being big enough fan base.

                                    • Neil reid
                                      Neil reid  3 weeks back

                                      @Shawn Valentine

                                      Right on Shawn. I look forward to seeing this team also. But they are not "a really good team" yet. I'm tired of fans being happy w/losing a 10pt lead at home. I'm sure as hell not.

                                  • Robert Wontkowski
                                    Robert Wontkowski  3 weeks back

                                    That's my quarterback

                                    • peter serrano
                                      peter serrano  3 weeks back

                                      The beat qb in the league in my opinion and I'm a niners fan lol

                                    • yngsxnn
                                      yngsxnn  3 weeks back

                                      @Terry McBride that's not even correct, it's been 3 in about 8 years, about to be 4 in 9

                                    • Neil reid
                                      Neil reid  3 weeks back

                                      @Terry McBride

                                      Damn Terry you speak the truth. Good game? Yes. But moral victories are good enough for most of Lions sheep. I call bullshit till I see otherwise. Stafford is & has been a beast & I love that guy

                                    • Gamer Boi
                                      Gamer Boi  3 weeks back

                                      @Terry McBride isn't his fault

                                    • Terry McBride
                                      Terry McBride  3 weeks back

                                      One playoff appearance in 10 years,I'll be damned if I'd feel any pride

                                  • Seeyam Chowdhury
                                    Seeyam Chowdhury  3 weeks back

                                    12-3-1 let’s go

                                    • Sam Walker
                                      Sam Walker  2 weeks back

                                      Losing to the bears at their home and the Vikings at their home but beating the packers twice because we play at home the second game and 4 out of 6 conference wins not bad and the bears and Vikings already lost to the packers we going to the playoffs

                                    • Austin Statin
                                      Austin Statin  2 weeks back

                                      Jay_Creations packers?

                                    • Austin Statin
                                      Austin Statin  2 weeks back

                                      Jay_Creations facts

                                    • Seth NoName
                                      Seth NoName  3 weeks back

                                      @Alan Grey packers or bears games good be tough, 2 weeks from now we'll see how we play against packers

                                    • Jay_Creations
                                      Jay_Creations  3 weeks back

                                      @Alan Grey in Chicago will be tough, so will @Min, anybody with a really good defense on the road is gonna be tough but this is definitely a playoff team