What If America Actually Buys Greenland?


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  • Sloan
    Sloan  2 hours back

    Trump is not that crazy, now is he? It would cost less to just obtain the land by military force. Granted come WW3 Russia or China will occupy it. After all, there is nothing there to stop them from doing so. There is vast potential for ports, airfield, military, trade, fishing, and resources. All this is just being wasted because Denmark is dated and not forward-thinking. It's best for the USA buy the land before it is exploited by an enemy.

    • Sebat Hadah
      Sebat Hadah  2 hours back


      • [GD] Asri3L
        [GD] Asri3L  3 hours back

        US: Can we buy Greenland?
        Denmark: No.
        US: Yes.
        Denmark: No.
        US: Yes.
        Denmark: No.
        US: Let's invade Denmark.
        Denmark: Wa-

        • ErickTheAverageGuy
          ErickTheAverageGuy  3 hours back

          Sooo if the US did buy Greenland, would that automatically turn all Greenland inhabitants into US citizens? Or would Trump kick them out?

          • Awesome Cool Entertainer

            I like how most of the video talks about the benefits of buying Greenland when it is an idea that promotes global warming as a good thing and that oil and money are more important. LOL. I’m not saying he’s trying to spread that idea, but that’s basically all he talks about.

            • Clarence Worley
              Clarence Worley  3 hours back

              wach the longest way

              • CREAM
                CREAM  3 hours back

                So is your buying of country is the reason you are in extreme debt?

                • CREAM
                  CREAM  3 hours back

                  Greenland is geologically a giant peace of fucking ice

                  • Chilln0
                    Chilln0  4 hours back

                    I think because of how important Greenland is, Denmark may want to keep it. So America could pay $600,000,000,000 for half of Greenland.

                    • Casanovuh
                      Casanovuh  4 hours back

                      denmark's getting invaded soon >.>

                      • John Smith
                        John Smith  5 hours back

                        Where does the US get the $1.1 Trillion they just pile it on their $21 Trillion debt.
                        Money is nothing anymore ,WOW.

                        • Annie Branwen
                          Annie Branwen  5 hours back

                          We'll be raping this country like we did in the old west , taking all the resources to the rich , maybe the American Indians can tell the Green landers just how that feels .

                          • saboyaner
                            saboyaner  5 hours back

                            Iceland is not Greenland check you maps

                            • Constantine
                              Constantine  6 hours back


                              • PatrickNelson
                                PatrickNelson  6 hours back

                                Short Answer: IT WOULD BE AWESOME!

                                • Brocolli Macarole
                                  Brocolli Macarole  7 hours back

                                  RealLifeLore: There is alot of oil in Greenla-
                                  U.S: *_oil?_*

                                  • CatsMJ
                                    CatsMJ  5 hours back

                                    DID I HEAR OIL?

                                • Anthonysonaplane
                                  Anthonysonaplane  7 hours back

                                  Did someone say oil?!

                                  *United States has entered the chat.

                                  • Steam Gamer STG. HUNTER

                                    Plot twist!
                                    Russia buys the US

                                    • DTA2
                                      DTA2  8 hours back

                                      Welp, There goes UK getting bigger.

                                      • Magic Mark
                                        Magic Mark  8 hours back

                                        I like it. I bet they'll sell it to us one day.

                                        • Hexaltheninja Wow
                                          Hexaltheninja Wow  8 hours back

                                          I thought it said accidentally instead of actually.

                                          USA: oops, I bought Greenland

                                          • Chad Simmons
                                            Chad Simmons  8 hours back

                                            Honestly, as absurd as it sounds, I don't think its the worst idea for them to sell it. We know the USA and China are interested in it and its pretty likely Russia is too even if they can't pay for it. With three world powers all wanting it that means at some point one of them will likely try to make a move for it. Because I don't think Denmark would be able to defend it against any of those three, it would likely need a strong combined EU military response to defend it, at which point the benefits from the island would likely have to be shared among the EU nations. The best way to ensure the resources of the island benefit the citizens of Denmark might be to sell it before someone else takes it or they are forced to share it.

                                            • Wesley Keller
                                              Wesley Keller  8 hours back

                                              In principle, appears selfish not allow greenland develop its own economy.
                                              But, in a world that increase is ocean levels each year, greenland could be the safe boat of drowned european nations.

                                              • Lordbucket
                                                Lordbucket  9 hours back

                                                You had me at oil i want that oil

                                                • Public Public
                                                  Public Public  9 hours back

                                                  Won't happen.
                                                  Maybe clear up the radioactive mess you left behind before asking the next time.

                                                • IfSomeoneDebunksMeInAnArgument TheyWerePaidTosayIt

                                                  But it was for *FREEDOM* 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

                                                  • Free Seeker
                                                    Free Seeker  10 hours back

                                                    You don’t have any money you stupid little shits.

                                                    • OldsVito2999
                                                      OldsVito2999  10 hours back

                                                      can you make mexican empire reunited today

                                                      • En sur lille dansker
                                                        En sur lille dansker  10 hours back

                                                        Fuck off america

                                                        • Ahmed Nabeel
                                                          Ahmed Nabeel  11 hours back

                                                          Does it have *_OIL_* ???

                                                          • Andrew Weilandt
                                                            Andrew Weilandt  11 hours back

                                                            Half of Greenland is a protected area. That means half of it can never have any kind of development forever. Unfortunately places called National Parks aren't actually national parks a lot of the time.

                                                            • The Silverbird gaming
                                                              The Silverbird gaming  11 hours back

                                                              Denmark: Playing with lego snowballs with Greenland
                                                              Denmark: Hmmm i wonder if you have oil
                                                              Greenland: Why did you say that...
                                                              USA: DENMARK I WANT TO BUY GREENLAND JUST GIMME IT RIGHT NOW
                                                              *USA and Denmark talking stuff about selling Greenland
                                                              Greenland: * Sweats*

                                                              • Купашки
                                                                Купашки  12 hours back

                                                                Denmark will be stupid to sell GeeLand

                                                                • Karl Leego
                                                                  Karl Leego  12 hours back

                                                                  News tomorrow: US forces invaded Greenland because of suspected weapons of mass destruction but only found oil and a guy with an US flag :D

                                                                  • szpinak222
                                                                    szpinak222  13 hours back

                                                                    2019: It's a joke. Then it get's a video or two on YouTube
                                                                    2020: Major protests in Greenland and Denmark after the announcement....

                                                                    • Jim Green
                                                                      Jim Green  13 hours back

                                                                      RealLifeLore, the largest Russian port is MURR-mansk, rather than murr-MAINSK. Very good, informative video, though one question comes to mind. That is, if we were to buy Greenland, what would happen to its citizens? It was briefly mentioned toward the end that they'd be citizens. However, every other state has wanted to become part of the USA, whereas the Greenlanders have no such desire. Also, it's been necessary for each state to be able to pull its own weight, which is something Greenland can't do. Regardless, very informative video. Thanks.

                                                                      • David Timothy P
                                                                        David Timothy P  13 hours back

                                                                        And the best part is, the US can't blame communism or terrorism or incite a rebellion on denmark!... probably

                                                                        • AWM SUPRESSER
                                                                          AWM SUPRESSER  13 hours back

                                                                          Its so lamo. Want a flag go go skill share trump lol just stop :(

                                                                          • Kurt E. Clothier
                                                                            Kurt E. Clothier  14 hours back

                                                                            it'd be a great place for nuclear power plants. low risk of disaster, natural cooling. just have to pipeline the output back to the mainland. I wouldn't want to get transferred to that station though! better make it autonomous.

                                                                            • Pascal
                                                                              Pascal  14 hours back

                                                                              i stilll think we should just buy back america, i mean it has potential, i think europe should offer a few 100 miljoen for america. We might be able to make it great again. I mean make it great for the first time :)

                                                                              • Kurt E. Clothier
                                                                                Kurt E. Clothier  14 hours back

                                                                                because of the way maps are typically drawn, you don't think about that land's true strategic value. those north pole centered maps really paint a different picture.

                                                                                • Syntax Error
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                                                                                  WTF man, why do you add that background noise? So bye!

                                                                                  • aperture confex
                                                                                    aperture confex  14 hours back

                                                                                    What's the song called?

                                                                                    • tpose
                                                                                      tpose  15 hours back

                                                                                      They have to buy mindanao first

                                                                                      • King Louie V
                                                                                        King Louie V  15 hours back

                                                                                        If the US bought Greenland the Inuit population would go down a lot. Just look at the history of Hawaii. Trust me Inuits would be f**ked.

                                                                                        • James Zamow
                                                                                          James Zamow  16 hours back

                                                                                          Liberals think raw materials grow on trees, lol. You can't go green without metal, oil, and rare Earth elements. Energy transition has nothing to do with the environment or weather patterns, btw....

                                                                                          • David Lawand
                                                                                            David Lawand  17 hours back

                                                                                            I hope the US doesn’t buy Greenland
                                                                                            I feel something bad will happens after that

                                                                                            • Frederik Thorup
                                                                                              Frederik Thorup  17 hours back

                                                                                              It is easy to hear that you are american, since you didn't talk about all the nuclear waste you dropped in greenland in ww2