Asking Strangers for the Time, Then Giving Them an Apple Watch


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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug   2 weeks back

    I just wanted to make random people happy today :)

    • Dan Don
      Dan Don  7 hours back

      @Trouble Maker u ain't getting shiit

    • Trouble Maker
      Trouble Maker  10 hours back

      Please gimme one !! Cuz i love apple watches ☺️☺️

    • Mario Z
      Mario Z  12 hours back

      Good job kid! These are my favorite types of videos too..

    • Dan Don
      Dan Don  21 hours back

      Tom is retarded

    • Froilan De vera
      Froilan De vera  2 days back

      i want this, too!

  • Primordial Remnant
    Primordial Remnant  7 minutes back

    No one offered to blow you after handing them an ApWatch? Weird.

    • Starboy Medo
      Starboy Medo  2 hours back

      Tom has such a beautiful soul, god bless him ♥️

      • Siddhartha Sikdar
        Siddhartha Sikdar  3 hours back

        2ed girl laptop

        • Sachin Pandey
          Sachin Pandey  4 hours back

          i was literally watching that was epic and faze rug happened to be on my recommended list

          • Natalie Rosales
            Natalie Rosales  4 hours back

            You’re such an amazing person for all that you do 😭

            • #SUCCESS CHANT
              #SUCCESS CHANT  5 hours back

              Pwolichu mwutheeww... ✌️

              • Babyana Vlogss
                Babyana Vlogss  6 hours back

                Give me one b ?!!! You go to the rich area 🙄

                • Jebin Arul
                  Jebin Arul  7 hours back

                  Why giving watches to random people?? Give it to your subscriber bro

                  • ItzYaboiCarlos
                    ItzYaboiCarlos  7 hours back

                    I would love to do this but
                    I'm broke

                    Sub to me to give me a chance to do this

                    • Stefan Karic
                      Stefan Karic  14 hours back

                      Where da fuck did you find those idiots

                      • Tiffany Matawapit
                        Tiffany Matawapit  14 hours back

                        I need a watch, lol

                        • markmatthews
                          markmatthews  17 hours back

                          The like to dislike ratio of this YouTube video is really good

                          • Jarely Nunez
                            Jarely Nunez  18 hours back

                            This was literally so kind of him and like some of the boys were so ungrateful🤦🏽‍♀️like I would literally freak out cuz I been wanting one since it came out, I can almost afford it😁😝but like here I’ll say thank you for them. Sorry they don’t really know manners🤡

                            • Noel
                              Noel  18 hours back

                              imagine wearing earbuds with a dead phone🤦🏾‍♂️

                              • It’s amyyy
                                It’s amyyy  18 hours back

                                I hated the people’s reactions I would be screaming

                                • Tanisa
                                  Tanisa  19 hours back

                                  i love u brian

                                  • Anthony Garcia
                                    Anthony Garcia  20 hours back

                                    Where is your Lamborghini huracán

                                    • Mohan Thakur
                                      Mohan Thakur  21 hours back

                                      Do it more fazerug

                                      • Dan Don
                                        Dan Don  21 hours back

                                        Bita showed the most appreciation.she was well raised

                                        • cristina serrano
                                          cristina serrano  22 hours back

                                          will u please give food to the homeless on your next vlogg..

                                          • Theo Saimon
                                            Theo Saimon  22 hours back

                                            Your soooo cool my brother god give you more years?? 150 to live ?? Love from Africa tanzania

                                            • Mohamedamin Abdullahi
                                              Mohamedamin Abdullahi  1 days back

                                              That is crazy

                                              • Stunt Frenchy
                                                Stunt Frenchy  1 days back

                                                Need to see more videos like this. Soo cool.

                                                • jay sticky
                                                  jay sticky  1 days back

                                                  i need an apple watch too... 😔

                                                  • Jack O
                                                    Jack O  1 days back


                                                    • B Size Indian
                                                      B Size Indian  1 days back

                                                      Most you gave to boys only.

                                                      • Patrick Joseph sac
                                                        Patrick Joseph sac  1 days back

                                                        6:30 is the best part hahahahahahaha

                                                        • STaTic Toni
                                                          STaTic Toni  1 days back

                                                          4:22 mans thought u was bout to pull out a gunn😂😂

                                                          • Patrick Joseph sac
                                                            Patrick Joseph sac  1 days back

                                                            You are listening music to your phone and you're asking random stranger what time it is in their phone 😂

                                                            • Nine
                                                              Nine  1 days back

                                                              The teacher is just mad you didn't give it to her

                                                              • Dan Jah
                                                                Dan Jah  2 days back

                                                                Shout out to thatwasepic Juan 🤗

                                                                • Wayne Brockhum
                                                                  Wayne Brockhum  2 days back

                                                                  To make people's day

                                                                  • Wayne Brockhum
                                                                    Wayne Brockhum  2 days back

                                                                    You have to come out to broadalbin min line road and you have to give out iPhones

                                                                    • Wayne Brockhum
                                                                      Wayne Brockhum  2 days back

                                                                      You have to come out to broadalbin min line road go

                                                                      • Gegayaan Official
                                                                        Gegayaan Official  2 days back

                                                                        That was epic?

                                                                        • Red red
                                                                          Red red  2 days back

                                                                          Instead giving those apple watches its better go feed and buy something for homeless people.. just my view!! But this video is great though!! God bless u

                                                                          • shyam baraili
                                                                            shyam baraili  2 days back

                                                                            now i am going to Unwear my watch 😂

                                                                            • Rahul jk kaushik 86 Entertainment

                                                                              It’s awesome superb

                                                                              • 1k subscriber with 0 video chalenge

                                                                                Am I the only one who want his backbag--?😆😆💖💕

                                                                                • king juvic
                                                                                  king juvic  2 days back

                                                                                  Dude I love your videos, all the way from Namibia, Africa

                                                                                  • Sleeping Tiger
                                                                                    Sleeping Tiger  2 days back

                                                                                    Please do some more

                                                                                    • jai 1993
                                                                                      jai 1993  2 days back

                                                                                      go to somewhere else like that was epic ! plus, upgrade your camera man, hahaha

                                                                                      • Sahil Kumar
                                                                                        Sahil Kumar  2 days back

                                                                                        Plz give me a apple watch

                                                                                        • Stephan Bosevski
                                                                                          Stephan Bosevski  2 days back

                                                                                          Man like Tom real cool guy

                                                                                          • yeeeeet
                                                                                            yeeeeet  2 days back

                                                                                            how do these people realize after who he is loL like what

                                                                                            • Daniela Iniguez
                                                                                              Daniela Iniguez  2 days back

                                                                                              theres a guy @4:11 that was pranked by THATWASEPIC, when he was giving away the earphones! LOL

                                                                                              • Chicken
                                                                                                Chicken  2 days back

                                                                                                I wish i could switch places with the first person i would have given a better reaction instead of almost walking off without saying thank you