DaBaby Guesses NBA Babies | How Many Could He Guess Correctly?


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  • loio
    loio  3 days back

    wow I thought kirk was dababy's baby

    • Brody
      Brody  4 days back

      I wonder if they ever quit playin with him?

      • Loom 69
        Loom 69  4 days back

        Fuck dababy bitch ass!!!

        • Junior Wizkid
          Junior Wizkid  5 days back

          (0:33) He said "What that is?" 😂

          • Jorge Ramos
            Jorge Ramos  5 days back

            What it do babyyyyy!!!

            • Michael Johnson Jr
              Michael Johnson Jr  5 days back

              Quit playin with baby.

              • Brandon R
                Brandon R  5 days back

                Thought Kawhi’s baby picture was Ben Simmons lmao

                • Randy Barat
                  Randy Barat  5 days back

                  Can’t wait for DaToddler to show up next.

                  • Corey Holloway jr
                    Corey Holloway jr  5 days back

                    That Jimmy one was easy

                    • Legoat James
                      Legoat James  5 days back

                      He traaaash i swear

                      • Daniel Koster
                        Daniel Koster  5 days back

                        Dababy all over the place 💥🔥🔥🔥

                        • Rushabh Shah
                          Rushabh Shah  5 days back

                          1:32 LMFAO

                          • Synszn
                            Synszn  5 days back

                            0:54 I thought that was Ben Simmons wtf?

                            • Zack Williams
                              Zack Williams  5 days back

                              “What that is” 😂 yea aight

                              • JuJu
                                JuJu  5 days back

                                Zack Williams I almost died when he said that 😂😂💀

                            • Steph Curry 40 Inch Vertical

                              1:32 idk why they said he got that right he was clearly talking about Ben Simmons

                              • Alister
                                Alister  5 days back

                                Steph Curry 40 Inch Vertical I thought he was talking about Lonzo, but you right it's gotta be sharp shooter Simmons

                            • FoshoGotFlow
                              FoshoGotFlow  5 days back

                              This man is everywhere 😂...

                              • SchenecLifeWitAB
                                SchenecLifeWitAB  5 days back

                                FoshoGotFlow this what you do when you got a album out just making the rounds

                              • Synszn
                                Synszn  5 days back


                            • Swag Master
                              Swag Master  5 days back

                              Tell me why da baby looks like drake

                            • Redspora 1
                              Redspora 1  5 days back

                              Ha, because his name is DaBaby. BR are so clever

                              • Jungz
                                Jungz  5 days back

                                Bob Marley is first

                                • Ur Best Friend
                                  Ur Best Friend  5 days back

                                  On god I’m first