Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide What I Eat for 24 Hours Challenge!


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  • AlishaMarie
    AlishaMarie   3 months back

    This is legit one of my FAV videos I've ever made haha you're not ready for it! Can you tell I love food cause same. LOL What is ur fav fast food restaurant?!

    • tess fuller
      tess fuller  2 hours back

      AlishaMarie either Burger King McDonald’s or Taco Bell

      EMMA GRACE THE YOUTUBER  10 hours back

      Starbucks, Chick Fallet, or Wendy’s.

    • Karee Picard
      Karee Picard  19 hours back

      Taco bell

    • vera
      vera  2 days back

      AlishaMarie Chick-fil-A

    • Kathleen Hsu
      Kathleen Hsu  1 weeks back

      the filled donut is filled with the krispy kreme cream. Fav Fast food is In n Out or Chick Fil A for Lunch and Mcdonalds for Breakfast

  • tess fuller
    tess fuller  2 hours back

    Omg lucky I don’t have Krispy Kreme where I live

    • lacey Cave
      lacey Cave  12 hours back

      When ur friend said what’s custard I was like hunnyyyyyyy 😂

      • Kelsie Gropp
        Kelsie Gropp  18 hours back

        Alisha never used to sweaaarrrrr oooohhhhhh I like this girl

        • Milad Miah
          Milad Miah  6 hours back

          @Kelsie Gropp I was joking no tea no shade

        • Kelsie Gropp
          Kelsie Gropp  6 hours back

          Milad Miah no I’m not

        • Milad Miah
          Milad Miah  13 hours back

          Your a child chill 😂

      • shannon Schell
        shannon Schell  19 hours back

        Both lol

        • shannon Schell
          shannon Schell  20 hours back

          What if the car in front of u is doing the same thing lol

        • Slazzyy Eza
          Slazzyy Eza  20 hours back

          It's Derek Gerard who do this first I guess, not Trisha. Isn't in I don't know

          • Janet Garcia
            Janet Garcia  22 hours back

            Taco Bell ain’t even mexican gtfo 🤣

            • Stawberry Chan
              Stawberry Chan  24 hours back

              I want some mc'donalds right now...🤤😭

              • Anya The Derp
                Anya The Derp  1 days back

                Gimmie those doughnuts NOW.

                • Audrey Lépine élève


                  • Rebecca Rhodes
                    Rebecca Rhodes  1 days back

                    It is bosten cream alisha LOL

                    • xlilxash x
                      xlilxash x  1 days back

                      I haven’t watched Alisha in months and now she’s CURSING

                      • Daniella Garcia beltran

                        Alisha eats nasty

                        • Diamond Princess
                          Diamond Princess  2 days back

                          Your so cute 🤣😊

                          • The Amaze squad
                            The Amaze squad  2 days back

                            7:30 im a soft taco person

                            • Ehassan Hassan
                              Ehassan Hassan  2 days back

                              Crunchy shell

                              • Chenea Gibbs
                                Chenea Gibbs  2 days back


                                • Lillian McClain
                                  Lillian McClain  2 days back

                                  Crunchy tacos!!!

                                  • Halie Bakes
                                    Halie Bakes  2 days back

                                    Holy crap I want a doughnut 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                    • Slothsarecool Forever
                                      Slothsarecool Forever  2 days back

                                      I’m a soft!

                                      • Drew Willett
                                        Drew Willett  2 days back

                                        Crunchy person

                                        • uzma Babar
                                          uzma Babar  2 days back

                                          She sounds like Jeniffer aniston

                                          • Lucy Johnston
                                            Lucy Johnston  3 days back

                                            im starving

                                            • Alyssa Layton
                                              Alyssa Layton  3 days back


                                              • Jas 123
                                                Jas 123  3 days back

                                                Alisha:I don’t like filled stuff.

                                                Likes the donut and the FiLLed cinnamon ‘delights’

                                                • Bakugou 17
                                                  Bakugou 17  4 days back

                                                  I’m just binge watching and was stocking Instagram just now

                                                  • Leila Hernandez
                                                    Leila Hernandez  4 days back

                                                    Hard shell taco

                                                    • DIYs by Jennifer
                                                      DIYs by Jennifer  4 days back

                                                      That’s the McDonald’s Laurdiy went to because when she was there they said “ what channel is this we had Alisha Marie here yesterday “

                                                      • Lps MiXuP tImE wolfs 4

                                                        I do the same with the sauce. I do the same thing as alisha

                                                        • Bear17 K
                                                          Bear17 K  5 days back

                                                          i wanna try krispie Kremes!! 😍 a d i love McDonald's!

                                                          • Khanda Amin
                                                            Khanda Amin  5 days back

                                                            My fav is tacco bell and McDonald's 🤑🤤🤤😘😋❤❤🕶🍟🍟🍔🍔🍗🍗🌭🍕🍕🥪🍲🥙🌯🌮🌮🌮🌮🥗🍴🍓

                                                            • Tale Truths
                                                              Tale Truths  5 days back

                                                              Is it weird that the day before this video was posted I went to McDonald’s and got two cheeseburgers no pickle.

                                                            • iilemonxxade
                                                              iilemonxxade  5 days back

                                                              Don’t get me wrong I LOVED the video but this is the video when I found out Alisha cusses:(

                                                              • Carralié Alice Whitewood

                                                                Yammy xox created this trend just wanted to say.

                                                                • Brynlee June
                                                                  Brynlee June  6 days back

                                                                  Chicken nuggets!!!

                                                                  • Jas 123
                                                                    Jas 123  6 days back

                                                                    I suck the sauce like that f you agree too!

                                                                    • Vineeta Tyagi
                                                                      Vineeta Tyagi  7 days back

                                                                      Have you taken the for this from cloecouture

                                                                      • Angelyn Ng
                                                                        Angelyn Ng  7 days back

                                                                        how many times alisha says omg

                                                                        • Amelia Campbell
                                                                          Amelia Campbell  1 weeks back

                                                                          Soft taco for lifeeeeee

                                                                          • No Name
                                                                            No Name  1 weeks back

                                                                            I LOVE TK

                                                                            • Abby Richards
                                                                              Abby Richards  1 weeks back


                                                                              • Peachy Bri
                                                                                Peachy Bri  1 weeks back

                                                                                7:54 it’s ok sis I do that with the Mild sauce 💀

                                                                                • Peachy Bri
                                                                                  Peachy Bri  1 weeks back

                                                                                  TACO BELL IS A PHONY IT ISN’T MEXICAN FOOD 🥺🥺

                                                                                  *Me, a Mexican:* eats at Taco Bell

                                                                                  • Ashley Meehan
                                                                                    Ashley Meehan  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I’m a soft taco👍

                                                                                    • Totally not gacha and gaming NOT OK

                                                                                      Chicken nuggets

                                                                                      • Ava
                                                                                        Ava  1 weeks back

                                                                                        "the one potato i had was really good"

                                                                                        • Leslie Perez
                                                                                          Leslie Perez  1 weeks back

                                                                                          LaurDiy did the same thing the day after crazy 😂😂😂😂😂