Why Did Volkswagen Kill The Beetle?


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  • George Wilson
    George Wilson  28 minutes back

    the beatle died when they hit a dirt road and caked with mud in the cooling fins.fry burger 101.  very poorly designed.

    • George Wilson
      George Wilson  29 minutes back

      ah, when a vw ran down a wet, dirt road they would cake with mud in the fins, thus frying the heads,  Very poorly designed car. junk to put it lightly.

      • Harlow Cycling Page
        Harlow Cycling Page  5 hours back

        Great memories of a great fun car, just wish I kept even one of my old Beetles.

        • lomer mercs
          lomer mercs  6 hours back

          Volks beetle is being ended for they don't die and need to be killed.

          • Roger Sheddy
            Roger Sheddy  9 hours back

            This ought to have ended at 7:32, with 8:45 to 9:10 tacked on.

            The new VW Beetlewas not a VW Beetle. It was simply a VW Golf with overpriced body work.

            They describe this as a success at 100,000 Vehicles sold per year over 12 years, when they had described the old Beetle as a failure when sales dipped below one quarter of a million.

            • Roger Sheddy
              Roger Sheddy  9 hours back

              So, how many of these things did the nazis actually manage to make before they switched to war production?

              • Captain Turrican
                Captain Turrican  14 hours back

                Because this car is not practical,there is a small trunk,аеrodynamics are not ok,and it's expensive

                • Sir Les.
                  Sir Les.  16 hours back

                  The rise and fall of the Beetle and no mention of YokoOno ?

                  • Luke Saucewalker
                    Luke Saucewalker  17 hours back

                    11:00 thats disgusting

                    • Luke Saucewalker
                      Luke Saucewalker  17 hours back

                      Not 1 single reference to "punch buggy" smh

                      • Zz Zx
                        Zz Zx  20 hours back

                        Herbie: you'll be sorry when I'm gone

                        • TheEspenK
                          TheEspenK  20 hours back

                          Why is this presented by you? The whole Hitler-thing. Hitler ordered in 1933 the start of the German authobahn under the simple: "If products are easylier or faster transported, Germany will have a steady distribution and hence a more stabil economy" Who pay for the investment? Same as today, sell people chip relyability and they will start to travel and hence pay fuel and tax. So F Porsche was actually ordered by Hitler to build a cheap relyable peoples-carrier similuar to the idea behind Ford. Try to pic up all te historical facts before yoy present a vid called the story behind. If it today are so bad to talk about Hitler give Germany the credit. Hitler in the 30s every year gave racing 800.000 ReichsMark for deveopment and that was the start of the German legendary racing machines. End-result are usualy where it happen or what came out of it suplimented by the story who led to end-result

                          • Mike Becket
                            Mike Becket  22 hours back

                            Cause they couldn't make the highway safety boards rules and safety bullcrap that was imposed. Read that the NANNY STATE....

                            • TremereTT
                              TremereTT  1 days back

                              The Beetle should be revived. It should be the original Beetle. Cheap material, some security improvements optional. And a Motobike motor in the rear of the car. Or a cooperation with Mercedes to get the original Smart Diesel into fittet into the car. Big wheels for bad roads.

                              No climatronic, no rain sensor, no EPS, no ABS, no adaptive lighting, &c...
                              A simple car. Low cost. Easily fixable by a school dropout.
                              They should make this car in India and for India! I think it would make a good impression to have it compete with the NANO...

                              • cj7 doll
                                cj7 doll  1 days back

                                Is jeep going to bring back the cj7 jeep with a GM 4.3 v6 TB (not mpi) and th700r4 transmission and the Dana 300 gear run transfer case and a Dana 44 rear and front axle? That would be LEGEND!! 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

                                • cj7 doll
                                  cj7 doll  1 days back

                                  Sad. They need to produce at least one more generation of the older style (first generation) beetle. The newest beetle LOSES the aesthetic appeal! (don't know what the old dude was talking about how it was a "grown up version." Need to go back to looks of first gen. But keep water cooled engine in front (or electric powered or hydrogen powered (like Jack Nicholson had in the 70's). VW making mistake is they don't just do a Limited Edition of the beetle as described above... 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

                                  • Justin Anger
                                    Justin Anger  1 days back

                                    98 forward they are awful cars. I had one. Everything on the engine broke multiple times. Do not buy a vw unless it's 40 years old

                                  • Graham Smith
                                    Graham Smith  1 days back

                                    I thought you meant the Beetle,not the Golf with Beetlesque body panels,the pseudo Beetle fashion victim mobile.

                                    • Vinesauce Obscurities
                                      Vinesauce Obscurities  1 days back

                                      Of course they cut off the history of the air-cooled Beetle at 1979 and completely left out the part where VW was still licensing the manufacturing of the air-cooled Beetle outside the US until 2003, even though they made it a point to talk about its early foreign roots in Germany.

                                      What a half-baked editorial.

                                      • Jesus is Muslim
                                        Jesus is Muslim  1 days back

                                        Reliable cars are undesirable.

                                        • Jesus is Muslim
                                          Jesus is Muslim  42 minutes back

                                          Interlake Barn Quilt Trail it doesn't mean if Hitler loved the car it makes it bad.. Power steering came from the panzer ranks!

                                        • Interlake Barn Quilt Trail
                                          Interlake Barn Quilt Trail  9 hours back

                                          They were shitmobiles.

                                      • Ed Pazikas
                                        Ed Pazikas  1 days back

                                        The new and modern Beetle NEVER WAS a Beetle, rather a brand new car that replaced the icon Beetle. I am 100% sure that if VW would start the production of the original Beetle again, then they would have a fantastic boost on sales, and YES, the old Beetle was VERY safe to drive.

                                        • sassulusmagnus
                                          sassulusmagnus  1 days back

                                          Students bought them in the 60's and early 70's because they were inexpensive to purchase used, reliable, and very good on gas. Japanese imports had not yet begun to arrive in sufficient numbers back then. Young car enthusiasts often used the Beetle as their first platform for aftermarket modifications. It didn't necessarily cost a fortune to customize a Beetle.

                                          • Bruce John Shourt
                                            Bruce John Shourt  1 days back

                                            Shame on the video editor who is guilty of committing the video atrocity of BBC (Blow-up, Blur, Crop) 4:3 aspect ratio films and video (or 4:3 films transferred to video) to fill the 16:9 frame. Doing "click to fill" may look OK on a computer screen (other than the unnaturally overly large images) but on a TV the loss of resolution is terrible. You are taking standard definition video and degrading it to substandard definition video. You are also altering/censoring the carefully composed and framed 4:3 aspect ratio images by the historical cinematographers and videographers. Leave 4:3 alone! And, don’t BBC 4:3 photos, either.

                                            • Randy Welsh
                                              Randy Welsh  1 days back

                                              Remember when the THING came out.

                                              • Vehiel Phantom
                                                Vehiel Phantom  1 days back

                                                Clarkson: Do you want excelence or that porsche?
                                                May and Hammond: *that porsche*

                                                • Don Sniffen
                                                  Don Sniffen  1 days back

                                                  I bought a 2002 Turbo S Beetle with 180hp and loved it. In 2007 I got a Passat...loved that too, and both of my VWs were sticks. I like the last Beetles and wanted one, but there was no guy version. I wanted one with the Golf R or R Plus horsepower (288-400).

                                                  The latest car wasn’t masculine enough and the ads always made it look like a girl’s car. It was a rally car, the Golf had the HP to share, but it never flex. Plus, VW brought the Audi, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini SUVs to America, but not my Touareg! I had three VWs in my life and VW turned their back to me...so I went to BMW and got a Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4.

                                                  • Roger Britton
                                                    Roger Britton  1 days back

                                                    Keep same as original and would succeed if priced accordingly many older model low tech cars would sell well obviously marketing bufoons

                                                    • Tm Kapp
                                                      Tm Kapp  2 days back

                                                      The "new" beetle is a Jetta with Beetle looking skin.  The real Beetle was already gone, the last Wolfsburg in 1974, the last Mexico-built in 2003.  Just because a car has a nameplate doesn't mean anything.

                                                      • Michael
                                                        Michael  2 days back

                                                        Did the VW K70 ever sell in America ?

                                                        • roy gunter
                                                          roy gunter  2 days back

                                                          In 1968 my friend bought a new Beetle, I bought a new Ford Falcon with a V8 and a manual transmission. I paid about the same as my friend. My automobile had hydraulic lifters and a heater that worked. His car got less gas mileage than mine and had to have his valves adjusted regularly and the heater was, well like all air cooled car heaters. At less than 80,000 miles his car needed a new engine, when the neighbor whose sons and daughters ended up with mine it had about 150,000 miles on the same engine. The car was totaled out in an accident but was running strong. My car was larger on the inside than the beetle, it was faster, and far more reliable and the heater worked in the winter. My car always got better mileage than the beetle. The beetle was not a great car, it was easy to work on but it wasn't a good car it was just a car that a lot of people liked.

                                                          • Richard Warnock
                                                            Richard Warnock  2 days back

                                                            The engineers at VW could build a electric Four wheel Drive version even cheaper than the last it's just their pride in the way yeah their pride they don't have the Mojo they once did their quiters they doing the same thing coke did just twice!!!, They should just Quit altogether Ford wins Hands down American's need's to drive ugly cars and vote for Stupid People that's how Germany got to build a VW Bug a great car in the first Place then When every put a can of wop ass on us after the ashes of course we will sale the flying cars they promised US yeah ask your grand Dad kids Thank's to all those in charge of all us that think for huh!!!

                                                            • adam forbes
                                                              adam forbes  2 days back

                                                              Ha sales of the new generation beetle trailed off. Ya as the market for it got so old they died. In '98 the crowd that wanted that was around 50 years old. No other people wanted it, period.

                                                              • adam forbes
                                                                adam forbes  2 days back

                                                                *Also a favorite of serial killers since it has the easy removal of the front passenger seat.

                                                                • 3DPeter
                                                                  3DPeter  2 days back

                                                                  It sucked alot of fuel and it wouldn't pas modern crash test, so it had to go

                                                                  • etickete #
                                                                    etickete #  2 days back

                                                                    I think that look was the only problemhttps://youtu.be/5rVBULzed9I

                                                                    • pdufusc
                                                                      pdufusc  2 days back

                                                                      In '03 vw put the chip in the key. That killed a lot of business, especially when the car left 1000s of people stranded, my daughter included. I cautioned her about the purchase. I drove type I and lll's for years, no problems, other than the ones I created myself. The Golf sitting at my barn, as we speak, has the chip problem. I thought I had found a mech that could reprogram the computer, but that fell through. Does anyone out there know of a fix, to remove the key-chip system!?!?!? They say vw has the fix, but won't release the disc..

                                                                      • Kattya Morales
                                                                        Kattya Morales  2 days back

                                                                        me not feeling that bad bc i have a beetle convertible 😮😮😮

                                                                        • Phil Giglio
                                                                          Phil Giglio  2 days back

                                                                          Love to see the bus make a comeback; was looking at a 1977 early this year: he wanted too much so I passed.

                                                                          • npc 920263
                                                                            npc 920263  2 days back

                                                                            Uhm, it was an antiquated design? Then it became an A4 Jetta.

                                                                            • Boss_Man_T
                                                                              Boss_Man_T  2 days back

                                                                              I'll probably catch some flak for this....but I believe the "spiritual" successor to the old Beetle in a modern incarnation was the original Toyota Yaris, 2007-2008. I had an '08 and loved it. It was small, economical, great gas mileage (esp with the manual), easy to fix, spare as in nothing fancy, and most importantly, it had "character". The front and rear were kind of bulbous like the Beetle, had the skinny economy tires, the center gauge cluster gave it a unique look and allowed a small glove box right behind the steering wheel. It was oddly fun to drive and the hatchback design meant you could cram an amazing amount of stuff in it with the rear seats folded down. I had my 2008 until 2016 then sold it to a friend who drove it for years.
                                                                              Unfortunately, Toyota ruined the Yaris' character after 2008 by making it more contemporary. They gave the back and front a more generic look, put the gauge cluster back in front of the driver. Just turned it into a generic econobox.

                                                                              • hans2406
                                                                                hans2406  2 days back

                                                                                I have hated the bloody beetle since I had driving lessons in the thing.
                                                                                Awful engine, awful heating, awful noise, awful seating, awful steering, awful anything.

                                                                                That said, what is a Porscha?

                                                                                • Joseph Gabbard
                                                                                  Joseph Gabbard  2 days back

                                                                                  Chick car

                                                                                  • wanderley apparecido Vieira

                                                                                    Because they are a group of idiots trying to succeed !

                                                                                    • danam0228
                                                                                      danam0228  2 days back

                                                                                      VW might have sold twice as many beetles as Ford sold the Model T, but took 3-4 times longer to do it. That being said, there is no comparison, the markets were completely different.

                                                                                      • gary coulombe
                                                                                        gary coulombe  2 days back

                                                                                        ITS ALL MERKEL'S FAULT!!

                                                                                        • Michael Harries
                                                                                          Michael Harries  2 days back

                                                                                          Don’t forget VW houses Bugatti as well. Just made a speed record of 300+ mph!!!

                                                                                          • amorettique
                                                                                            amorettique  2 days back

                                                                                            That late 90s Beetle is the cutest car ever! I almost want it as a pet. I don't like more "grown-up" cars at all.

                                                                                            • Tony Neely
                                                                                              Tony Neely  3 days back

                                                                                              The VW Beetle is my favorite car and the most beautiful car ever in the history of the world. 🌍😘💙