Medical Detectives (Forensic Files) - Season 1, Ep 5 : Planted Evidence


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  • bLumoonTV
    bLumoonTV  2 weeks back

    Before I watched this episode, I thought the "Planted Evidence" was about the culprit adding stuff or things to mess the crime scene but it turned out the evidence is a plant, literally! So incredible this investigators are. I'm hoping that there are also investigators or even the process of investigations like this in our country. So interesting!

    • Dionne Lewis
      Dionne Lewis  4 weeks back

      😆lmao i used to have that same beeper.
      -if she didnt have dna under her nails from him...wouldnt that say a different woman clawed his face?
      - being strangled is NOT fun! I was choked into unconsciousness once and...its not enjoyable! Nor are the memories of it or the permanent pix u have in ur mind from it💔

      • Judy McCoy
        Judy McCoy  2 months back

        25 years for first degree murder? That is just so wrong! Should be on death row!

        • Matthew Barry
          Matthew Barry  3 months back

          The fact he found a scientist 100 miles away that could help is not irony!

          • Matthew Barry
            Matthew Barry  2 months back

            @Jenny Listens You're beautiful

          • Jenny Listens
            Jenny Listens  2 months back

            @Matthew Barry sorry lol evidently, I replied to the wrong comment lol woops!

          • Matthew Barry
            Matthew Barry  2 months back

            @Jenny Listens Ok, that's not irony.

          • Jenny Listens
            Jenny Listens  2 months back

            He wiped down the truck evidently

        • Queen Mama
          Queen Mama  6 months back

          Odd?! No fingerprints of the victim??

          • Francisco Montero
            Francisco Montero  1 years back

            I just discovered this series. , I’m going to watch every single episode so incredible intresting,greetings from Mexico

            • Dial Square
              Dial Square  1 years back

              This should have been an easy case for PC Plod. Plod should have looked for a genius. The type who leaves his bleeper/cellphone at the crime scene...not to mention the true act of genius here; murdering a random person....why are people so unbearably stupid?

              • T -DUB
                T -DUB  2 years back

                I watched every episodes like 4 times.

                • coccinelle80
                  coccinelle80  2 years back

                  That poor tree! They violated his civil rights, obtaining his DNA without his consent! Trees matter!

                • Sasi Naka
                  Sasi Naka  3 years back

                  Had DNA her fingers nails?

                  • qquitaward1
                    qquitaward1  3 years back

                    good stuff. I just did labs and finals on polymerase etc...

                    • Phelie Styles
                      Phelie Styles  4 years back

                      forensic files is life!!!

                      • Mohamed Bashe
                        Mohamed Bashe  4 years back

                        Forensic Files is life, it's everything