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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish   3 weeks back

    Okay so how mad are Canadians at me on a scale of 1-10? I think the exchange rate makes that a US 1-7 though...


    • Frank Feliz
      Frank Feliz  3 weeks back

      Canadians don’t deserve opinions.

    • Astro Royal
      Astro Royal  3 weeks back

      Looks absolutely delicious

    • DanTheMan1985ful
      DanTheMan1985ful  3 weeks back

      Well Andrew Rea, I hate to critique you on this one but what you made there is the exact same thing that Epic Meal Time's Handle it made; The Universal Poutine. Don't get me wrong on that because I make it the exact same way they make it and how you made it here. And like you said not everyone has access to Cheese Curds the closest to it is Mozzarella Cheese. And Mozzarella works just fine for me.

    • Storm Wacker
      Storm Wacker  3 weeks back

      Banish,canadians are never mad

    • The5thBeatle
      The5thBeatle  3 weeks back

      I'm really surprised you couldn't find real cheese curds in NYC of all places?

  • Jon G
    Jon G  12 hours back

    Using chicken stock for poutine gravy is extremely sacrilege! You gotta get yourself some AAA ‘Berta beef and make your stock from that.

    • The Lost Media Library
      The Lost Media Library  13 hours back

      I’ve been craving Quebec style poutine for a while

      • Corklops Plays
        Corklops Plays  20 hours back

        There would be a lot more dislikes on this video if Canadians weren't so nice. Seriously, you can't order cheese curds? There's no cheese factory within 1,000 km of you?

        • Xo-_
          Xo-_  20 hours back

          When babish said "ur gonna have a bad time" i thought of south park when they went to aspin

          • The.Inferno
            The.Inferno  1 days back

            I like the cheese all melt but this is cool too

            • Deep Press ion
              Deep Press ion  1 days back

              *vladimir poutine*

              • Emily Specter
                Emily Specter  2 days back

                A little fresh thyme and a fried egg on top makes it even better. Also the last time I checked, they sold cheese curds at Trader Joe’s.

                • Monster mash
                  Monster mash  2 days back

                  2 bro ...I give you a 2. This isnt poutine.

                  • 2wingo
                    2wingo  2 days back

                    *Please do Bill Gannon's BBQ sauce from "Dragnet."*

                    • HxSKy OP
                      HxSKy OP  2 days back

                      I just got mind Fucked

                      • derzedazrael
                        derzedazrael  2 days back

                        for future cheese curd needs, you can go to murray's cheese shop on bleecker in the west village!

                        • lincoln jordison
                          lincoln jordison  2 days back

                          I'm from Saskatchewan thank you babish

                          • Michael Padilla
                            Michael Padilla  2 days back

                            So glad my girlfriend introduced me to Poutine. It was amazing!

                            P.s My girlfriend is Canadian so that was my intro to everything Canadian.

                            • itsxtray
                              itsxtray  3 days back

                              What's the instrumental/song in the background?

                              • Taylor Loken
                                Taylor Loken  3 days back

                                Up here in Wisconsin you can buy cheese curds at the gas station. The fact he can't find them at all just boggles my mind. I understand why he can't, it's still just a foreign consept to me.

                                • mateusz molenda
                                  mateusz molenda  3 days back

                                  Its really alot simpler than everyone makes it out to be. Wuster(shire) sauce

                                  • Odile Chartrand-Fleury

                                    okay la poutine c'est québécois pas canadiens MARCI

                                    • skrrt off in a mf zamboni


                                      • I have a small P P
                                        I have a small P P  3 days back

                                        Sans be like 1:06

                                        • Hadji Hidalgo
                                          Hadji Hidalgo  3 days back

                                          "But sometimes you don't live in Wisconsin or Quebec." 😂

                                          • Zonkboy
                                            Zonkboy  3 days back

                                            Ra Ra Ras

                                            • Eric Pope
                                              Eric Pope  4 days back

                                              Ok, gotta love the French fry South Park reference.

                                              “You French fry when you wanna pizza then your gonna have a bad time”

                                              • Theortheo
                                                Theortheo  4 days back

                                                French Canadian are now happy. As a French, I am Happy. Happy.

                                                • Ranked Noob
                                                  Ranked Noob  4 days back

                                                  "this mofo looks like his gravys not hot enough to melt his cheese curds in his poutine"

                                                  • Little Stan
                                                    Little Stan  5 days back


                                                    *Sans intensifies*

                                                    • cgirl111
                                                      cgirl111  5 days back

                                                      My wife was born in Montreal and lived there for 50 years. When we went to visit (we live in Fla) she of course knew all the best places to get regional food. I had never even heard of this but the example we got was great.

                                                      • Zac Buwalda
                                                        Zac Buwalda  5 days back

                                                        I am a Canadian, and offended by the lack of cheese curds.... I am also sorry for being so harsh about it.

                                                        • meme time
                                                          meme time  5 days back

                                                          I’m a simple man. I read Vladimir’s name, I click.

                                                          • Virgil Grenier
                                                            Virgil Grenier  6 days back

                                                            Good fries are made with tallow

                                                            • Literally just a piece of pie

                                                              Hey Babish, what brand of saucepin do you use

                                                              • Skittle
                                                                Skittle  6 days back

                                                                As a proud Canadian I can say that this is pretty cool eh?

                                                                • Maya Gatzemeyer
                                                                  Maya Gatzemeyer  6 days back

                                                                  do you think it would be good If I put those cooked veggies in the food processor and added that to the gravy

                                                                  • Ø F F S E T //
                                                                    Ø F F S E T //  6 days back

                                                                    xqcF WTF

                                                                    • Lord man
                                                                      Lord man  6 days back


                                                                      • PyronicEX
                                                                        PyronicEX  6 days back

                                                                        Wisconson or Quebec? GET YOUR CHEESE FROM VERMONT BABISH.

                                                                      • Brandon Lalonde
                                                                        Brandon Lalonde  6 days back

                                                                        Maybe it's cuz I live in Wisconsin and fairly close to Canada, but no curds is sacrilegious. Come on down, I'ma hook you up!

                                                                        • Eddy S
                                                                          Eddy S  6 days back

                                                                          So... Chips, cheese and gravy with a fancy name?

                                                                          • Jenny Schryver
                                                                            Jenny Schryver  6 days back

                                                                            100% redo with cheese curds ya need the SQUEAK

                                                                            • Hannah B
                                                                              Hannah B  6 days back

                                                                              for an american I'm impressed at how well your poutine (pronounced poo-tin) turned out

                                                                              • MINI Scfoote
                                                                                MINI Scfoote  6 days back

                                                                                make some shokugeki no soma meals please

                                                                                • dlxe
                                                                                  dlxe  6 days back

                                                                                  I do this with grated french cheeses and a bit of blue cheese too and it adds a good funkyness

                                                                                  • tanya
                                                                                    tanya  6 days back

                                                                                    This looks so tasty that I wanna get drunk and then eat this

                                                                                    • Joey Morrison
                                                                                      Joey Morrison  6 days back


                                                                                      • Philip Kempton
                                                                                        Philip Kempton  7 days back

                                                                                        From a Canadian. Fries are over-salted, Cheese isn't even close, Gravy should be slightly thicker and A LOT darker

                                                                                        • Smile Or We'll Die
                                                                                          Smile Or We'll Die  7 days back

                                                                                          lol aside from the mozzarella chunks, it's not bad... I wouldn't have put it in a plate though... maybe a bowl...

                                                                                          • L. Tatum
                                                                                            L. Tatum  7 days back

                                                                                            Try Murray’s Cheese Shop for cheese curds!

                                                                                            • Gimpy24x7
                                                                                              Gimpy24x7  7 days back

                                                                                              No cheese curds really? They don't sell cottage cheese at your supermarket?