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  • All American Slacker
    All American Slacker  2 months back

    No. The difference between an explorer and a traveler is that a traveler will insist that they don't need to show a cop their driver's license, that the piece of cardboard taped to their bumper is an acceptable license plate, will demand to speak to the cops supervisor, and will keep asking if they're being detained until the cops break the window and drag them out of the car.

    • Tr1ple7s
      Tr1ple7s  3 months back

      Of course these people are living longer, they have access to natural food crops, no technology culture to ruin social habitats, and a strong connection to the community. Unfortunately these things are hard to do if you live in a highly dense area and constantly surrounded by electronics, carbon monoxide, and of course the modern day work regime. I think the reason people in these contries lives longer because they are not exposed to the toxic modern society. If you wanna live long and happy I think you have to move to a more deserted area where those things won't affect you.

      • Joshua Farias
        Joshua Farias  3 months back

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                        Greg Pitts  3 months back

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