Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender

  • Published: 10 September 2019
  • After much anticipation, the new Land Rover Defender is finally here! Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon. Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!

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Comments • 14 561

  • Q. Spags
    Q. Spags  10 minutes back

    I feel the pull..I want it...almost a meter of fording capability plus the IFS will be great on sandy inclines. Once the purists get over the fact that won't be able to tinker quite as much as before- they'll appreciate melding of capability and comfort (and safety at highway speeds).

    • Q. Spags
      Q. Spags  4 minutes back

      When is the Grand Tour going to review it..can't your show

  • Eaub Felangy
    Eaub Felangy  19 minutes back

    It looks ok, better looking than most modern cars. However it's a Land Rover and those aren't known for their reliability, neither are they very easy to work on. Quality is also a question cause it just came out. I'm also a little disappointed they didn't give it a solid axle:(

    • Christian Dawson
      Christian Dawson  30 minutes back

      4 door looks like a drug mobs car

      • mark adler
        mark adler  50 minutes back

        I like true design I hope they remain true

        • dolimi jotoo
          dolimi jotoo  51 minutes back

          school. I will keep my seriesIII and look to Toyota series 70 or a Nissan Patrol to use as a farm workhorse.

          • Timothy Linford
            Timothy Linford  56 minutes back

            To me it looks amazing and if I could afford one, I'd have one as soon a humanly possible... At first I thought - they've spoilt it.... but no they have not ... I WANT one!!

            One caveat though - I don't think this is not gong to replace the Defender as a farm workhorse! Really it's gone a bit posh! Like all other land and range rovers ..... Which is a pity.

            Still, if you handed the the keys - or whatever gizmo they have to gaining entry and starting the thing - you would not see me for ...... you would have to eat my dust!

            • john metrac
              john metrac  2 hours back

              Britain’s most unreliable vehicle 👍

              • dolimi jotoo
                dolimi jotoo  51 minutes back

                for and used to do? I do not think so. Not even remotely near. It motorised costume jewellery. Very poor effort. Wide of the mark.

            • Paul Prosser
              Paul Prosser  2 hours back

              Guess what. Just like all Land Rover products in one years time it will be at the bottom of the JD power reliability results against it's cheaper better built competitors.

              • MOS Tactical
                MOS Tactical  2 hours back


                • James Rhodes
                  James Rhodes  2 hours back

                  I like it, but £40k on a car - its hard enough trying to save up £20k for a deposit on a house. I suspect the people who can afford this vehicle will never use 'wade' mode or will care about air suspension - I suppose I can look forward to seeing them in a Waitrose car park...while i'm on the way to Aldi! Cool car whilst being absolutely pointless.

                  • Paul Mason
                    Paul Mason  2 hours back

                    Nobody in there right mind is going to pay that much then take it off road like they would the old defender, cameras all around and very pretty paint work to scratch and dent.

                    • Marist Old Boys
                      Marist Old Boys  2 hours back

                      But what I really want to know is *why does Wolverine have a British accent?*

                      • sayeed hossain
                        sayeed hossain  2 hours back

                        rip the great defender.

                        • Daniele Sole
                          Daniele Sole  2 hours back

                          It reminds me the old Lancia Fulvia of the 70s, with the black bonnet

                          • Justin Mack
                            Justin Mack  2 hours back

                            Nice is you want to be stuck in the middle of the outback when some electronic gizmo fails. Pass I'll still with my 92 80series Cruiser. Mechanical injector pump. Only electronics i need are glow plugs :P

                            • NonsensicalVids
                              NonsensicalVids  3 hours back

                              look how they've massacred my boy

                              • Gel Mibson
                                Gel Mibson  3 hours back

                                G Klasse


                                Nobody: Land Rover let us built something that looks more like the latest KIA.

                                • Anthony Stafford
                                  Anthony Stafford  3 hours back

                                  Overpriced over here ill thought out indian tat... Mini clubman look a like...

                                  • Lou Bro
                                    Lou Bro  3 hours back

                                    Looks like the same shape being teased about for the new Ford Bronco. The one they showed covered with the tarp.

                                    • David Magen
                                      David Magen  3 hours back

                                      UAZ Patriot design)

                                      • Fred LAJOT JR
                                        Fred LAJOT JR  3 hours back

                                        Hello iron man

                                        • Obiora Izuchukwu
                                          Obiora Izuchukwu  3 hours back

                                          Sorry to say this, but this is no defender

                                          • ice5py
                                            ice5py  4 hours back

                                            Great for pitching up and parking badly outside school with engine running on cold days or swanning around inside the M25; but actually doing what LR Defender was designed for and used to do? I do not think so. Not even remotely near. It motorised costume jewellery. Very poor effort. Wide of the mark.

                                            • Mak 1981
                                              Mak 1981  4 hours back

                                              C'era una volta un fuoristrada.... Ma che è sta merda? 😒

                                              • Mel Ngairo
                                                Mel Ngairo  4 hours back

                                                Cars are such a great piece of art

                                                • Hussain Ahmed
                                                  Hussain Ahmed  4 hours back

                                                  The company fucked up..

                                                  • Robert W.
                                                    Robert W.  4 hours back

                                                    skoda yeti ?

                                                    • Derek at ClassicRockRadio

                                                      The big selling point for the Defender was simplicity and the reason the British Army kept using the 300TDi long after the TD5 with its computer controlled systems was introduced. Now that has been removed in favour of a fairground full of electronics the remaining BSP is the green badge trading on that old image. I would think that saving £10k plus would attract more buyers to the Toyota Landcruiser despite its horrible front grille.

                                                      • Andrew Richards
                                                        Andrew Richards  4 hours back

                                                        I can see plenty of farmers buying these RANGE Rover Defenders

                                                        • evans boateng
                                                          evans boateng  4 hours back

                                                          G63 got competition now

                                                          • Wong Fei Hung
                                                            Wong Fei Hung  4 hours back

                                                            My first question... can I fix it without an engineer and his laptop? If I'm in the market for another farm vehicle do I need a computer on wheels? I want a reliable mechanical beast that I can mend if it got damaged. If I want a high tech motoring experience I drive my Range Rover. For the farm I'm perfectly happy with my 1989 SWB 200tdi... no computers.

                                                            • Wong Fei Hung
                                                              Wong Fei Hung  4 hours back

                                                              Nice car perhaps but LandRover have missed the target with this one.

                                                          • Max Zio
                                                            Max Zio  5 hours back

                                                            Normal suv....for pub raid...

                                                            • robgug
                                                              robgug  5 hours back

                                                              Looks great but if it has anything even close to the aluminum engine as in the past, it will be a piece of junk. Also, 85 ecu's? , 85 computer modules? that's insane, what happens when you are 1000 miles away in the desert or mountains and one fails? I'll keep my Jeep Wrangler.

                                                              • Andrew Sherif
                                                                Andrew Sherif  5 hours back

                                                                It looks like a skoda yeti! Also, 45k is just to much. Take all of the electronics and silly lights off and let us have that one.

                                                                • Ajayi Oladapo
                                                                  Ajayi Oladapo  5 hours back

                                                                  Looks like an upgraded Honda Element, or maybe a 2020 version of honda element

                                                                  • Steven Fawcett
                                                                    Steven Fawcett  5 hours back

                                                                    But I prefer the 90, not sure if its the colour I prefer though. 110 seems a bit steep at £45,000 is that base price ?

                                                                    • Steven Fawcett
                                                                      Steven Fawcett  5 hours back

                                                                      Its a Skoda Yeti !!!!

                                                                      • M Harris
                                                                        M Harris  5 hours back

                                                                        A snowflake for a snowflake - farewell defender

                                                                        • jimmytvf
                                                                          jimmytvf  5 hours back

                                                                          There are my 5 cents. I will start with things that I don't like, which are things like the window panels, they obscure the overall Defender shape it has, just imagine it without them, is more Defender-ish. Also, plastic diamond plates?? really?? In the side mirrors specially?? That bonnet gives me the feeling that is not made for be climbed, speaking of this, neither of them has roof racks to carry serious offroad stuff... Also i'm wondering if the 3rd seat in the front has some space left for the passenger legs, or they just forget that people do we have legs... The plastic bullbars reminds me to the freelander, which is a car, that it was peculiar at the time, but is quite old-fashioned right now, and they don't do any good to the Defender shape. You won't see any Camel Trophy safari done with this one... I do like the wheels on the 90 though, and the infotaintment system, it's ok. The camera under the car, it's clever-ish, as you can see what is going underside, but, is one more thing to be worried about, as when you're offroading, you don't want to care if a rock rubs the bottom, just get across the rocks, no, now do you have to care about that too... Overall it's not a bad off-roader, I mean Hammond's Raptor will have the same performance, if not better, as the shock absorbers aren't just ballons, they are proper Fox brand coilovers, but it is not, in any way, a Defender.

                                                                          • Seal00754
                                                                            Seal00754  5 hours back

                                                                            I own a P38 Range Rover. I worked on series and defenders in the British Army (REME).
                                                                            If this barbie toy can do what the others did and come back after the Army has given it to a squaddie. Then I will be impressed, Computers are the worse thing ever to happen to any 4x4, my P38 has more days off the road meaning days if it starts. So many things all in one vehicle to go wrong. You want to test it, park it at my home and wait till the battery runs down due to the alarm never shutting off or settings change by themselves. There will be only one defender and that was made from Meccano. Not Bill Gates toybox.

                                                                            • Kaj Svendsen
                                                                              Kaj Svendsen  6 hours back

                                                                              Did the old Land Rover Defender make love to a Nissan Cube - This must be the secret love child!

                                                                              • Ujjawal Shandilya
                                                                                Ujjawal Shandilya  6 hours back

                                                                                Richard , never forget to mention about his 16 year old daughter in every video, why why,??

                                                                                • Ian Purkis
                                                                                  Ian Purkis  6 hours back

                                                                                  Meh......defender in name only.

                                                                                  • Niepi
                                                                                    Niepi  6 hours back

                                                                                    It will all break and maintenance will cost more than new soon.

                                                                                    • Felix Garcia Garcia
                                                                                      Felix Garcia Garcia  6 hours back

                                                                                      That's not a Defender anymore. A modern shit that looks shinny but you would never use in the mud instead you're rich.

                                                                                      • hendrix thumb
                                                                                        hendrix thumb  7 hours back


                                                                                        • john saunders
                                                                                          john saunders  7 hours back

                                                                                          This is what the new discovery should be !

                                                                                          • Dazza b
                                                                                            Dazza b  7 hours back

                                                                                            Ugly ugly vehicle , expensive plastic rubbish, used to buy these but will never again, gone to reliable Toyotas