Joker may be my Movie of the Year


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    • raphaël beuchot
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      Damn, Drinker. I agree with many things you say : yes, the cinematography was excellent, the building of the character accurate. Yes, the music was far from the trite symphonics that usually come with every superhero movies. Yes, Phoenix was good, as De Niro. Yes, the political commentary on how the society lets down the weakest, and how violence comes as backfire was salutary, especially in the US (btw, there is nothing wrong with a movie with a political agenda, when it's well down) And yes, the whole movie was way on top of every flat superhero movie we had these years.

      So... Why was I desappointed by Joker ? One word : predictability. Not a single event, twist nor murder came as a surprise. Everything was right where I expected, and never ever did the film subverted my expectations. Which is a huge probleme when you deal with Joker, a guy who is supposed to be the least predictable man in Gotham. Each murder he committed was, in a way, justified, at least expected. Bad guys in the metro (self-defense), the colleague who framed him, DeNiro who publicly humiliated him, the mother who lied to him his whole life, and let him be abused. All are revenge crimes, nearly politicaly correct (all the killed were assholes), that could have been done by any casual emotionnaly instable guy. Even if the crimes are grudgesome and violently pictured, none are actually disturbing, because they are understandable. I am not a Nolan fan at all, but Joker from TDK was all in surprises : his violence burst when you didn't excpect it, he was a guy who could switch in a blink of an eye, for reasons that where his owns only. That made him a scary guy.

      Don' get me wrong : Joker has great moments. If I shoud rank it, I would give him a 3 out of 5. Phoenix was good, even though he was exactly where I expected (I was more fascinated by the madness he depicted in The Master), and even though his slowmotions dancing scenes were flirting with cliché. Maybe Joker came too late : many things it does and shows have already been done, sometimes in a better way. Dancing like a crazy : Apocalypse Now. A pyschotic guy bringing chaos to society : Fight Club. Violence as an inner force growing : History of Violence. A man becomes a monster because of society : Falling down (wink). The list goes on. I know, I know : one movie doesn't have to reinvent everything. But when your protagonist is the most chaotic guy in the world, and even if you're writing an origins story, you have to bring much more unpredictability to your script. If not, what's the point ?

      • Quenton Daniels
        Quenton Daniels  1 hours back

        My favourite review of my favourite movie of the year. Thank you Sir. 🇦🇺👊

        • Ayla Lee
          Ayla Lee  1 hours back

          great film!

          • mark Toth
            mark Toth  3 hours back

            "Not hating those that started out with more than us, or belittling those that ended up with less; not mocking those that don't fit in, not demonizing those that do." That's it right there. That's perfect. 2019 and the Golden Rule is out with both the right and the left. What the fuck?

            • Eddie Runcorn
              Eddie Runcorn  3 hours back

              Joker is a brilliant film. I predict it’ll be an Oscar winner.

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                Faceless Propagandist  5 hours back

                heyo. I don`t mean to pry, but I noticed that in ths guy`s earlier vids, his voice is radically different. Does anyone know what the deal is?

                • Item69
                  Item69  2 hours back

                  Blood alcohol content.

              • CorruptZeroMC
                CorruptZeroMC  6 hours back

                Holy shit. An actual review of the Joker! One that talks about the contents of the film, instead of trying to staple politics onto it.

                You, sir, have earned yourself a subscriber.

                • J Barnhart
                  J Barnhart  6 hours back

                  Also realize that Gun scene may not have even played out that way. For example, when his boss calls him his boss said that he tried to buy the gun.

                  • The Jezebel Resistance
                    The Jezebel Resistance  8 hours back

                    Great review! Just saw this movie and I couldn’t agree with you more. Best movie I’ve seen in YEARS!!! Incredible social commentary on mental illness and social inequality. I can’t throw enough superlatives at this film to do it justice. Just... Wow...

                    • Matt Spinto Smith
                      Matt Spinto Smith  10 hours back

                      So there IS wisdom in postmodernity.

                      • John Weston
                        John Weston  10 hours back

                        Great review and great movie.

                        • King Ezra
                          King Ezra  10 hours back

                          Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

                          • Michael Bergen
                            Michael Bergen  11 hours back

                            Watched it again for the second time last night, and you're fucking spot on with this one Drinker. It is so perfectly paced and Joaquin is so unbelievably mesmerising. He wholly embodies the character of the Joker. One of the most visceral moments of is when he relentlessly curb stomps the trash in the alleyway. He hasn't even become Joker at this point, but it's an example of pure, unbridled rage that encapsulates the absence of control surrounding Joker. My favourite scene, though, is the dance down the steps; that, in itself, is a brilliant microcosm of story telling within the larger story.

                            • James Antony Whitehead
                              James Antony Whitehead  12 hours back

                              the story will evolve that the the story is made up. That the kiliing of the mother was a mistake. He went crazy from believing the lie.

                              • Faba Papa
                                Faba Papa  12 hours back

                                2019 a time where you have to drink a bottle of whisky to see things clearly

                                • Blood bought Big Phil R
                                  Blood bought Big Phil R  12 hours back

                                  Incredibly powerful film. Saw it last night and still in a dazzle over it's immensity and intensity. Wholly concur with your thoughts. Joaquin Phoenix put in a hell of a performance. If it was down to the people who deserves an Oscar, it would sweep the board big style. Unfortunately, those who get to decide will see it as having an unsavoury narrative which doesn't fit their narrow stance of how the world should be. For a large section of the critics, doesn't tick the right 'woke' boxes which has s.f.a. to do with what makes a veritable and laudable work of art, so they heap scorn on a cinematic masterpiece. All this while box office records are being smashed. Their out of touch smugness and sense of superiority over 'the philistine plebs' is not unlike ' the great and the good' of Gotham City.
                                  'WE ARE THE CLOWNS'.

                                  • Jm 115
                                    Jm 115  14 hours back

                                    might as well call them 'movie activists'

                                    • Leah Marie
                                      Leah Marie  14 hours back

                                      In the scene where he got jumped I noticed the position he gets in. Like hands between the legs and talking to himself. Just waiting until it’s over. He already had a defense mechanism to get through a beating, as if he has suffered them many many times before.

                                      It’s such a small details that in the end makes so much sense when the truth of his childhood comes out.

                                      • Chris
                                        Chris  17 hours back

                                        How do you like Joker but shit on Midsommer??? Make it make sense

                                        • shunsuke visuals
                                          shunsuke visuals  17 hours back

                                          This is the first movie review i see on this channel. is the voice forced or what ?

                                          • George Blair
                                            George Blair  18 hours back

                                            This generations Fight Club.

                                            • Raspas 21
                                              Raspas 21  19 hours back

                                              It is one of the best movies of all time

                                              • George Blair
                                                George Blair  19 hours back

                                                Watched it last night. Good film, Oscar worthy performance by JP.

                                                • icycool1710
                                                  icycool1710  23 hours back

                                                  This mash up of Taxi Driver / killing joke /Requiem of a dream had lofty ambitions but failed on every level. Material it was based on did a better job of showing a descent into madness far better than this did.Far too predictable especially the relationship out of nowhere. His mouth raping of a young Bruce Wayne was...interesting

                                                  • June Asiimwe
                                                    June Asiimwe  23 hours back

                                                    I've watched this movie twice and I'm still thinking about it. Haven't felt this strongly about a film in a long time.

                                                    • Nicholas Mwangangi
                                                      Nicholas Mwangangi  24 hours back

                                                      I agree with you 100% till you got to class warfare. From here you sound just like the liberals nit picking things to satisfy your agenda. The class warfare is blatantly seen as the rich and privileged stamp on the forgotten. How the disenfranchised react is to this is the dilemma of the movie. The talk show host brought Joker on to mock him and he doesn't deny that. Thomas Wayne called the poor clowns and looked down on them. Heck jokers government healthcare benefits were cut down for no good reason. You're doing the exact same thing liberals do. Ignore the underlying issues and point out the symptoms

                                                      • ZER0C00L
                                                        ZER0C00L  24 hours back

                                                        Before the Joker goes on stage at the late night show, you see him holding a photo of his mother, with a note on the back that says love your smile - T.W.
                                                        Showing that Tomas Whane did in fact have a relationship with Jokers mother and that he very well maybe Tomas's Whanes biological son.
                                                        It's an interesting plot line that the Joker may in fact be Batmans step brother.

                                                        • Chengfu Saechao
                                                          Chengfu Saechao  1 days back

                                                          All i have to say is.....
                                                          Arthur Fleck left the body
                                                          ..and JOKER has been
                                                          BORN...........this movie
                                                          Hypnotized me.....I've
                                                          Seen it 3xxx now......
                                                          Damn....this movie was
                                                          Intense and so Deep

                                                          • Hashidoka
                                                            Hashidoka  1 days back

                                                            Let the Director of this movie make a DC universe. P L E A S E !

                                                            • Uriel1816
                                                              Uriel1816  1 days back

                                                              I liked this movie too.

                                                              • Timothy Ellis
                                                                Timothy Ellis  1 days back

                                                                100% my movie of the year.

                                                                • Qweq Qweq
                                                                  Qweq Qweq  1 days back

                                                                  People who look down on incels and fear them are the ones I most want to die.

                                                                  • jesuschristsakes
                                                                    jesuschristsakes  1 days back

                                                                    I had felt that Joker was planning to shoot himself on the Murray Franklin Show....that's what he was rehearsing at his house. When he realized Murray was making fun of him on the show and it didn't turn out the way he fantasized, he opted to put lead through Murray's skull instead.....that was the final straw.
                                                                    Maybe, maybe not?

                                                                    • Sam G
                                                                      Sam G  1 days back

                                                                      Does he... always talk like this?

                                                                      • We Have To Go Back
                                                                        We Have To Go Back  1 days back

                                                                        My one gripe with the film was the way that Thomas Wayne was portrayed. I understand why they portrayed him the way they did, but he felt hella off-character.

                                                                        • Mike Whiles
                                                                          Mike Whiles  1 days back

                                                                          Outstanding movie, grim, hard and not one for the kids. This should Sweep the board at the Oscars but won't be allowed too .😎😎😎

                                                                          • douglas787
                                                                            douglas787  1 days back

                                                                            Of the year? Try of the century.

                                                                            • lando hoth
                                                                              lando hoth  1 days back

                                                                              Heard it was really overrated, wont be joining the mindless bandwagon until i see it.

                                                                              • lando hoth
                                                                                lando hoth  6 hours back

                                                                                @Fleyk What?

                                                                              • Fleyk
                                                                                Fleyk  7 hours back

                                                                                'Overrated' is not enough to describe this whole situation, my friend

                                                                            • thethikboy
                                                                              thethikboy  1 days back

                                                                              This guy cracks me up. Is he Scottish?

                                                                              • Jack Passmore
                                                                                Jack Passmore  1 days back

                                                                                You promised "no spoilers" after 6:21...
                                                                                You may have over promised... just sayin'.
                                                                                Lying fuckin twat. Go get bent.
                                                                                I love your channel but (as an incel) I hate/love your guts

                                                                                • YNWA
                                                                                  YNWA  1 days back

                                                                                  It’s my movie of the past 3 years!! Absolutely incredible piece of art

                                                                                  • NELSON X
                                                                                    NELSON X  1 days back

                                                                                    One of the greatest movies ever.

                                                                                    • jon skinner
                                                                                      jon skinner  1 days back

                                                                                      Robert deniro taking a bullet was the best scene for me, great actor but a total cunt otherwise.

                                                                                      • Mr. STEAL YO GURL
                                                                                        Mr. STEAL YO GURL  1 days back

                                                                                        The economic injustice and the class warfare struggle is one way to interpret it. At least for me, but like you said, Joker transcends all that.
                                                                                        It’s a movie that is open to interpretation and that’s what makes it a cut above the rest.

                                                                                        • Squared Up
                                                                                          Squared Up  1 days back

                                                                                          Is it just me or are YOU the person always bringing politics where there aren't any to be found originally? So many of your videos contain prolonged rants about "those damn es-jay-woos" and how "everyone is getting offended nowadays" but you're the one who seems to be getting offended more than most. You see some kind of an international censorship conspiracy in most movies you review, and this is reflected in your fanbase: "It's a surprise this movie even got released", "Critics wanted this movie to fail" etc. It is you and people like you who are always playing the victim and seeing political agendas where there are none, not those "social justice warriors" you seem to find in every work of entertainment that's been released in the last 10 years. That being said, Joker is a fantastic movie and I agree with most of what you said in this review, apart from the imaginary political part.

                                                                                          • simon harrison
                                                                                            simon harrison  2 days back

                                                                                            You sir, are a fucking legend. Next gen. film critic. I searched for your review of this film following your rambo one. It's now no.1 on my to watchlist.

                                                                                            • Lizwi Mchunu
                                                                                              Lizwi Mchunu  2 days back

                                                                                              Go away now!!!😅😅😅