John Amos Talks Being Killed Off 'Good Times', 'Roots' Remake + Playing Football


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  • Nyla Crawford
    Nyla Crawford  5 hours back

    Wow! John doesn’t know that roots was written by a Jewish author taken from the book the AFRICAN!😂😂😂Google ....

    • Dorothy Torrey
      Dorothy Torrey  4 days back

      We love you John Amos

      • Just Allah
        Just Allah  6 days back

        John Amos is our real dad not Bill Cosby. Bill's wife ran all over him. Do U think her beauty would have ran John?

        • Dana Bennett
          Dana Bennett  1 weeks back

          When one 🚪 closes several others open Roots - Kunta Kintae. ...Hunter -Police Captain. ...Coming To America - Cleo Mc Dowell. ..The Fresh Prince Nia's Dad.....Martin Tommy's Pop a Marine Gunnery Sgt. .. The West Wing - A Secret Service Head Supervisor!!

          • brandon smith
            brandon smith  4 weeks back

            that girl is hot as fuk

            • Samantha Anderson
              Samantha Anderson  4 weeks back

              I remember watching this show with my grandparents. They do show re-runs on now! And yes the show was never the same after they killed the father off.

              • Marlisa Morgan
                Marlisa Morgan  4 weeks back

                "This is America, Jack"!!!!

                • Patrice Cooper
                  Patrice Cooper  4 weeks back

                  Back in the day, I really was very happy to see John Amos on the show, 'Good Times"! I've enjoyed the show so much that it move to buy the TV series on DVD!!

                  • lennomenno
                    lennomenno  1 months back

                    Killing off James Evans killed off Good Times.

                    • dialook
                      dialook  1 months back

                      James was my favorite on the show, he was just so much more realer than everyone else. I guess that is why he is a great actor.

                      • Dolly Dagger
                        Dolly Dagger  2 months back

                        James was the best father. Funny, Strong, Smart, Loyal, Loving, Good Disciplinarian, hard father and husband. Screw Cliff Huxtable. James' death was the death of the show.

                      • Daniel Ortiz
                        Daniel Ortiz  2 months back

                        dude in red shirt whatever your name is . ..why are you screaming on the mic man !!!!!.....

                        • cumal chambers
                          cumal chambers  2 months back

                          I'm sure James methods influenced my dad in the 70's. I'm a father in the 2000's and have elements from James Evans when raising my kids.

                          • planner812
                            planner812  2 months back

                            If they do roots now its gonna be politically correct and nobody's gonna be happy

                            • Tee Darif
                              Tee Darif  2 months back

                              Smart Man.

                              • theresa webb
                                theresa webb  2 months back

                                He threatenex to leave good times john didnt say that.

                                • theresa webb
                                  theresa webb  2 months back

                                  It's ashame james amis got himself fired the writers rather jimmie walker the star not john amos the father.

                                  • Linda Evans
                                    Linda Evans  2 months back

                                    Good Times was nothing without John Amos playing James Evans. My father was just as powerful as the James Evans

                                    • RIFICA777
                                      RIFICA777  2 months back

                                      I never knew he played Football Professionally but I can see that. Couple a ex wives. I can relate. Gotta keep trying to you get it right. I feel that.

                                      • Corene Pope
                                        Corene Pope  2 months back

                                        i loved the show when james was there but once he left the show wasn't the same anymore goodtimes went from goodtimes to bad times!!!

                                        • Anakin
                                          Anakin  3 months back

                                          Quake is sexy af

                                          • Mike  Mittens
                                            Mike Mittens  3 months back

                                            Emasculated through the script

                                            • taye smooth
                                              taye smooth  3 months back

                                              Man he look younger then jj thats crazy

                                              • Beverly Boo
                                                Beverly Boo  3 months back

                                                JJ wanted to be the big star and didn't want James. It's a lot of reasons why. But for the most part it was the money. But JJ wanted more money than James. So they gave JJ more money and got rid of James. They had no idea that James was the glue holding the show together.

                                                • Teresa Holmes
                                                  Teresa Holmes  3 months back

                                                  I thought his character was too strong in "Good Times", he scared me because he was so angry all the time. I was a kid then and I would've never wanted a father figure like that.

                                                  • Love Yu2
                                                    Love Yu2  3 months back

                                                    Teresa Holmes
                                                    Just a man frustrated..who really wanted the best for his children..Trying to protect them, guide them, love them, and be a husband tending to his wife's needs all while always getting knocked back by the system because he was Black. That's hard for anybody..

                                                • Brandy Taylor
                                                  Brandy Taylor  3 months back

                                                  John wasn't taken off, he opted to leave because of JJ...he didn't like the way his character was over shadowing the point of the show.

                                                  • paul kersey
                                                    paul kersey  3 months back


                                                    • I.AM.NIC
                                                      I.AM.NIC  3 months back

                                                      Family Matters followed right in line with Good Times. Good Times tackled real issues that Black people were dealing with in those times, but the powers that be were more concerned with JJ working “dynamite” into every episode. The show started to focus more on his silliness than Black folk issues, which is why viewership tumbled. With Family Matters, season 1&2 (mostly season 1) was AWESOME. It was centered around family. They dealt with Family issues. They did things as a family. And then they introduced Urkel & the show became more centered around Urkel’s clumsiness/nerdiness/goofiness than Family.

                                                      • Markus Patients
                                                        Markus Patients  3 months back

                                                        Button please fail her now.

                                                        • Apprentess Gooden
                                                          Apprentess Gooden  4 months back

                                                          "I always knew it was something special about that boy"

                                                          • Jose Garza
                                                            Jose Garza  4 months back

                                                            He looks great

                                                            • Liz Freeman
                                                              Liz Freeman  4 months back

                                                              Horrible! Unacceptable! They wanted to continue to display the family in a negative manner! So bad, Evans was one of the writers.

                                                              • theresa webb
                                                                theresa webb  4 months back

                                                                Speaking up doesnt wor k r spec i ally in the 70's.

                                                                • LB
                                                                  LB  4 months back

                                                                  Actually, John Amos said he didn't have anything against Jimmie Walker. He respected the fact that he was a comedian. His problem was not necessarily Jimmie Walker or his character, JJ. They just wanted the Black family to be portrayed in a more positive light.

                                                                  Little did he (or Esther) realize, it takes ALL kinds to make a Black family (or any family, for that matter). It takes: the kid who is always joking and looking for the easy way around things; the smart child who is always arguing with the annoying sibling and helping mother around the house; the child who is full of self-love and pride, who wants better for his community; the loving, God-fearing mother who is the backbone of the family, who loves her children and all of their differences, who respects her husband as the man and the head of the house, and the strong father, who is stern, but loving, who protects his family, who will hustle to keep their heads above water, making a way when he can, dealing with temporary lay-offs, scratching and surviving.

                                                                  Too bad John Amos and Esther didn't understand that one character being the continuous comic relief, who was always hangin' in and jivin' was simply the icing on the cake. I think they were afraid that their message would get lost in all of the "Dy-no-mites!" But we got it. We got it and we related and we loved them. We loved EACH ONE OF THEM; James, Florida, J.J., Thelma and Michael. We needed them ALL. We WANTED them all. And it hurts my heart to know what "Good Times" could have been. . .what it SHOULD have been.

                                                                  Oh. . .And you, too, Wyomia!

                                                                  • Liz Freeman
                                                                    Liz Freeman  4 months back

                                                                    Correct! Week after week they were having bad times. The script should have been better.

                                                                • Leonard Washington
                                                                  Leonard Washington  5 months back

                                                                  I don't even watch good times after James died. Lived him more than Bill Cosby as a tv Dad.

                                                                  • joe jones
                                                                    joe jones  5 months back

                                                                    Always loved John, and I always though that he was the heart and soul of Good Times. But when he contends that his "decision" to leave football was voluntary, he's being less than candid. He just wasn't good enough to make it to the NFL.

                                                                    • Patrick Gregory
                                                                      Patrick Gregory  5 months back

                                                                      When James Evans left Good Times, it truly was not the same. John amos, the way he played James Evans. Reminded me of my own father. A strong father figure who did whatever he needed to do to feed his family.

                                                                      • Manj Sher
                                                                        Manj Sher  5 months back

                                                                        He's fighting age very very well, voice sounds healthy, looks strong. Should be the next Bond villain.

                                                                        • Bluestar 1227
                                                                          Bluestar 1227  5 months back

                                                                          The hosts of this show compete to see who is the most annoying. Wow.

                                                                          • iPhone Shot Caller
                                                                            iPhone Shot Caller  5 months back

                                                                            "How do you know where I'm at, if you haven't been where I've been..... Understand where I'm coming from?" (A James Evans' quote, used by Cypress Hill in"How I Could Just Kill A Man")

                                                                            • saundra brown
                                                                              saundra brown  5 months back

                                                                              Norman Lear messed up the family household when they removed James from Good Times! This generation today really need a father figure in their lives like James Evans.

                                                                              • theresa webb
                                                                                theresa webb  5 months back

                                                                                James didnt say damn damn damn. Esther rolle said that.

                                                                                • theresa webb
                                                                                  theresa webb  5 months back

                                                                                  james eva n was so rela table to s o many black people.

                                                                                  • theresa webb
                                                                                    theresa webb  5 months back

                                                                                    Love d th is interview earthquake is so funny.

                                                                                    • mellotronage
                                                                                      mellotronage  5 months back

                                                                                      What kind of man feels sorry for the man who shot his own son, Florida ?....(strangest reply line in all of TV history...Sorry, Esther Rolle !!) The right kind, James, the right kind. Even as an 8 year old, that line gave me the chuckles. Corny, but I get it. Forgiving is devine, God like. James had a clue when he was poppin' those pretzel sticks.
                                                                                      I hear one camp in the Good Times actors doin a bit of revisionist's history. Jimmy Walker & the writers recalling that John & Esther Rolle resenting the J.J. character so hard they went and blabbed their side to Ebony in '75. This is right at the beginning of the show's truly taking flight with audiences. This from seasoned TV actors that did truly know better than to do what they did.
                                                                                      I understand that Miss Rolle was so highly regarded (this was essentially HER vehicle) that she had say in casting & scripts, to a point.
                                                                                      But, when it came to the show becoming a cultural phenomenon, (for several reasons; J.J. & Dy-no-mite !! included), both Miss Rolle & Mr. Amos, having her back, jumped the rails professionally. They resented Jimmy Walker and called his character a buffoon. This is akin to being a New England Patriot, making the playoffs & then questioning Tom Brady's quarterbacking abilities just prior to the conference title game....🤔
                                                                                      Their timing must've infuriated Mike Evans, Eric Monte & Norman Lear. Yeah, they were upset & getting frustrated. But to do what they did, in the end, was ultimately selfish, selfish behavior. Everything the crew & actors worked toward, and they chose to do that with the press ?
                                                                                      Yes, Jimmy Walker was no actor, but he was professional. Ralph Carter, among others, has said that Jimmy had all of his lines down pat, all of the time. He was no flunkie. And apparently, Miss Rolle went out of her way to let Jimmy Walker know of her outright disdain of his prescence, on the set or off.
                                                                                      John Rich, the director of the early episodes had J.J. say dy-no-mite !! and wear the denim cap. And audiences loved it. Therein lies her issue. She faulted Walker for it all. He was professional & did what he was asked. The audiences responded and the ratings showed it. Hey, that's life sometimes. But Miss Role, and Mr. Amos took exception to it and that's extremely unfortunate for Jimmy Walker to have had to deal with their resentments. If they were more professional, people that adore the show to this day, (and who doesn't regard Good Times as a great part of their TV viewing memories ?...) wouldn't be mulling over the actions, behind the scenes, of the two leading actors. And yes, John Amos is THE GREATEST FATHER ever portrayed on television. Ever. If he were in this room with me, I can hear it now...." you gonna keep popin' those chops ?....", with one eyebrow arched & nostrils a justa flairin'.... As only John Amos could. 😎

                                                                                      • Regal Baby 82
                                                                                        Regal Baby 82  5 months back

                                                                                        One of my favorite episodes was when JJ was gonna paint the portrait of the young curvy neighbor lady and kept puffing his chest out and laughing and Florida mocking his laugh band rolling her eyes. Then the phone rang and a neighbor asked if that was Florida posing and he yelled, "NO, NO, NO...Junior, close up those curtains!!!"

                                                                                        • LsOut DaLane
                                                                                          LsOut DaLane  5 months back

                                                                                          Damn RIP JAME EVENS

                                                                                          • soulman2000
                                                                                            soulman2000  5 months back

                                                                                            I respect John’s decision, however, who won? He was let go of a steady hit show and was killed off. The show lost too cuz it was never the same after he was fired. When you’re a black actor on ANY successful situation, just do what is asked of u and get your bread. Until u can control the production side of it u gotta play the game. It’s not being a sell out it’s called surviving and paying your rent and feedin your family. Keepin it real doesn’t pay the bills. Trust me.