Music City Miracle turns 20: Jeff Fisher re-lives the famous play | FOX NFL


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  • FOX Sports
    FOX Sports   2 weeks back

    What are your thoughts about the Music City Miracle play?

  • dadefope80
    dadefope80  5 days back

    • Jesse Gonzalez
      Jesse Gonzalez  1 weeks back

      Still my favorite coach!

      • MM Boys
        MM Boys  1 weeks back

        King of 9-7 seasons

        • Carlos Martinez
          Carlos Martinez  2 weeks back

          My coach 😭🤙🏾

          • kb productions
            kb productions  2 weeks back

            I loved this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

            • Tate Chasers
              Tate Chasers  2 weeks back

              Let me tell you what really happened, Wade Phillips benched Doug Flutie after he went 10-6 that season, the backup couldn't score any points the game was so horrible to watch, but all of America watched and waited for Flutie to be put in the game, it never happened. Still can't believe Wade Phillips still gets work, if Flutie started the game, Bills would of won, and made it to the Super Bowl just like Tennessee did

              • SuperBryant1985
                SuperBryant1985  2 weeks back

                Cant believe it's been 20 years when that play happen I'm a hugh Buffalo Bills. Ever since that happen the Tennessee Titans where the reason our Buffalo Bills havnt made the playoffs in 17 stright seasons.

                • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

                  I can't believe two Jeopardy contestants on the show last night didn't get the question correct.. Pfft.

                  • Bill Swindle
                    Bill Swindle  2 weeks back

                    Could have actually shown the play, you know.

                    • dadefope80
                      dadefope80  5 days back

                      @Bill Swindle, Thinking the same thing.

                  • Bryan Loki
                    Bryan Loki  2 weeks back

                    Thanks for this it was most enjoayble!

                    • luxifer 17
                      luxifer 17  2 weeks back

                      If brady retires right now , guddison is goat for sure 😒🏔🌋