Trick or Treat?


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  • drtash21
    drtash21  1 weeks back

    The moment youre looking for is 1:07 you're welcome

    • Sonia Lopez
      Sonia Lopez  2 weeks back

      Love Jeannie's laugh!

      • Crispy Gum
        Crispy Gum  2 weeks back

        Lmao at Adrienne's dramatic acting while its coming down

        • Sweet Listenings
          Sweet Listenings  2 weeks back

          "They trying to kill me on this show." - Loni 2019


          • Lauren
            Lauren  3 weeks back

            Damn I thought it was a clot sucker.😭

            • I Tried It
              I Tried It  3 weeks back

              Jeannie looks like a duck tail with that wig hair all the way flipped out Rihanna hair wasn’t flip out like a duck tail nor was it that long girl need to imitate better if she gonna be someone like Rihanna for Halloween 🤭🤭

              • XOMAMACITAXO
                XOMAMACITAXO  3 weeks back


              • XOMAMACITAXO
                XOMAMACITAXO  3 weeks back

                I Tried It your youtube name sure suits u correct! Go look up rihanna’s met gala look. Your just a hater😩

            • Dessy Allen
              Dessy Allen  3 weeks back

              Lmao it’s always hits Loni 😭😭😭

              • Jasmine Trujillo
                Jasmine Trujillo  3 weeks back

                All the ladies look stunning!

                • AJ Rooi
                  AJ Rooi  3 weeks back

                  Me waiting for the ladies to talk about the two Mexican women who dressed up as the KKK on the next episode ☕

                  • Ella Skills
                    Ella Skills  3 weeks back

                    Ouch, sorry Loni. 😂

                    • Starlit sky
                      Starlit sky  2 weeks back

                      Ella Skills loni is one of the cool hosts

                  • Alexandra Reid
                    Alexandra Reid  3 weeks back

                    I legit thought it was a vibrator when it first started coming down

                    • Nessa W
                      Nessa W  2 weeks back

                      Alexandra Reid yooooo i thought I was the only one!

                    • HDM
                      HDM  2 weeks back

                      @Alexandra Reid
                      Girl you are gonna make me need my inhaler! 🤣🤣😆😂😅

                    • Shody Ynaas
                      Shody Ynaas  3 weeks back

                      Girl you had me rolin’ ..lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😆

                  • Edwin Miranda
                    Edwin Miranda  3 weeks back

                    I would give Jeannie a treat like pussy tightening gel and if the pussy tightening gel does not do Jeannie, any justice, I will pay for Jeannie to get a pussy tightening operation.

                    • Anna Maria
                      Anna Maria  3 weeks back

                      Why did I replay Loni getting hit in the head so many times? 😆

                      • Whit K
                        Whit K  2 weeks back

                        Anna Maria I know lmao

                    • Star Corder
                      Star Corder  3 weeks back

                      0:22 “lets twitch it up!” 😎🎃🧙🏽‍♀️🦇

                      • Malvika Jain
                        Malvika Jain  3 weeks back

                        such a good build up.. n then this..

                        • fried chicken
                          fried chicken  3 weeks back

                          Tamera:”Well dang, Loni”. 😅😅

                          • kim berley
                            kim berley  3 weeks back

                            Adriennes body looks good

                            • Tiara W
                              Tiara W  3 weeks back

                              It’s always hitting loni in the head😂I love this show I love that they aren’t super perfect & the show shows it’s craziness

                              • Tibusiso Mamba
                                Tibusiso Mamba  3 weeks back

                                First time I've seen Loni with no boots

                                • Chella GaGurl
                                  Chella GaGurl  3 weeks back

                                  I love that wig on Tamera!

                                  • Whit K
                                    Whit K  3 weeks back

                                    They did that on purpose 😂👩🏾🏀

                                    • Mariamm Malik
                                      Mariamm Malik  3 weeks back

                                      Jeannie’s makeup is on poiny

                                    • Myronn Coleman
                                      Myronn Coleman  3 weeks back

                                      They keep setting up Loni for death 😂😂

                                      • Chyla Myers haley
                                        Chyla Myers haley  3 weeks back

                                        HEY LOVE U GUYYYYYYYS

                                        • Sarah Provencher
                                          Sarah Provencher  3 weeks back

                                          Third comment!!!

                                          • Clarissa Smith
                                            Clarissa Smith  3 weeks back

                                            Lol second comment ND earlyyy

                                            • Prince
                                              Prince  3 weeks back

                                              "They tryna kill me on this show!"
                                              I just can't with Loni 😂😭